Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster: June 2023 Compliance Update


Introduction and Audience Poll – 0:00

Convoso CMO Lisa Leight kicks off the webinar with Michele Shuster of Mac Murray & Shuster and guides the audience through a brief poll.

The Fast Pace of Today’s Compliance Changes – 4:35

If it feels like there’s been even more regulatory action than usual lately, it’s because there has been. Shuster digs into the reasons behind all the activity at the FCC, FTC, and elsewhere around the country.

The FCC’s Rulemaking Process: How to Get Involved – 9:00

It can be easy to get a little lost in the FCC’s complex rulemaking process. To help, Shuster breaks down the steps of the process and offers guidance on how you and your organization can get involved in the regulatory feedback process.

Proposed Rules for Do Not Call Lists and Texts – 11:33

Among the latest rule proposals from the FCC are new requirements for how companies honor changes to their internal DNC lists as well as the applicability of stop requests over SMS. Find out what you need to know.

FTC Chair Discusses Consent and Pre-Recorded Calls – 16:50

During a recent fireside chat with Shuster, the FTC Chair discussed issues regarding consent and regulating prerecorded calls. Shuster gives her thoughts on what may be coming down the pike from the FTC and answers some questions from the audience.

Even More CMS Guideline Updates – 24:13

In the world of contact center compliance, there’s no end to the alphabet soup. During this section of the webinar, the discussion turns to yet more changes coming to the CMS guidelines that govern how marketers reach and engage Medicare prospects.

Regulatory Action at the State Level – 32:27

According to Shuster, state attorneys general are feeling more emboldened than ever before. They’re working with their colleagues in legislatures to turn out new calling regulations at lightning speed. Hear what’s going on in this quarter in states like Oklahoma, Washington, Maryland, Florida, and California.

What You Can Do to Support Compliance – 44:40

Lisa Leight discusses Convoso’s new StateTracker solution that teams abide by fast-changing state restrictions, and Shuster offers more tips for how to take proactive steps to support compliance with state and federal laws.

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