Convoso Product Update

Convoso’s reporting capabilities are getting an upgrade for speed to lead! And Convoso’s Speed to Lead is getting enhanced reporting!

The Convoso solution gives customers unsurpassed speed to lead that improves conversion rates, closes more sales, and drives ROI.

By adding this new report to monitor speed to lead,  customers can achieve a new level of efficiency. Now they’ll have insights into the speed at which their leads are dialed after being entered into the system.

By streamlining the process of measuring the time it takes, customers will save time and effort.

Our Speed to Lead Report offers comprehensive insights and data visualization, allowing Convoso admins to effectively measure and monitor their list performance.

Here are some of the key features: 

Categorized by Time Intervals: Measure the time it takes to make the first call attempt for leads categorized by time intervals, allowing you to see how many leads are being reached within each time block.

Average Speed to First Contact: Provides insights into the average speed-to-first-contact for each list you manage, enabling you to showcase how efficiently your company can contact leads using the Convoso platform.

Dial Attempt Efficiency: Includes the average number of dial attempts required to make first contact with leads, allowing you to emphasize your company’s dialing efficiency using Convoso.

With the Speed to Lead Report, Convoso is committed to empowering you with the data and insights needed to optimize your lead management strategies and achieve outstanding results.

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