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Sometimes it’s best to let other people say it for you. Below is a perspective on the day from Eric Troutman sharing his experience and reposted from the TCPAWorld blog. We appreciate all of the customers and partners who joined in this full throttle networking and learning event. And thank you to our sponsors Contact Center Compliance, TrackDrive, and Troutman Amin LLC.

Watch our highlights from the day, getting closer to customers and partners, sharing best practices, learning strategies for growth and compliance (and having a lot of fun while we’re at it!)


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SURF AND SALES: Convoso’s Newport Beach Roadshow is a Massive Success and I Can’t Wait for the Next One

by Eric Troutman

August 23, 2023

There’s just something about these roadshow events that make them way more fun than normal industry get togethers.

Maybe it’s that they feel way more intimate with designed networking opportunities and workshops that really force people to get to know one another.

Maybe its the fantastic discussion of the Convoso suite of product offerings to help users get even more our of the platform.

Maybe its the incredible compliance updates from some guy named the Czar and some lady name Queenie.

But actually I think it had something to do with the little balls they handed out in the swag bags this year.

Yes, I juggled them a bit–when I wasn’t focused on the incredibly cool and useful content.

But the hilarious shrieks of laughter that transpired as folks took to throwing the balls across the room while Convoso CSMs efforted to catch them in garbage cans… definitely not what you expect to see at an industry get together and it really broke the ice.

And Convoso just brings great folks together. Attendees were mostly call centers, but also a ton of great vendors were on hand.

Plus it was a real honor to sponsor event alongside great brands like, Balto and TrackDrive.

Love that the famous lion is now starting to show up at these events and that Troutman Amin, LLP is really contributing to the creation of great shows and content.

But in truth, the Convoso brand itself is just so positive that their events will always have great energy and positivity as well. Nima [Convoso CEO] is just the best guy, and Lisa [Convoso CMO] as his right hand is just rocket fuel. Always big smiles and great enthusiasm.

Such a positive flair for life, and business, and-ultimately–compliance.

And that is probably, ultimately, what I like best about their events is that they bridge the worlds between marketing, networking, and education (compliance) so effectively and they do it in a way that everyone is having the same experience together.

Really cool.

Plus attendees got the absolutely latest information on the FTC and FCC proceedings, as well as CIPA, mini-TCPAs, call blocking, call labeling and state privacy laws.

It was like a mini-version of the “Law Conference of Champions.” Went really well.

Plus the happy hour wasn’t bad. Tasty tacos and forbidden cheese (don’t ask.)

Anyway I had an absolutely marvelous time and I am already looking forward to the next one.



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