The 3 Key Efficiencies for Outbound Marketing Success

The 3 Key Efficiencies for Outbound Marketing Success

September 23, 2019 | Convoso

If you want your outbound call center to convert more of your leads faster, efficiency is everything.

But what are the best ways to improve efficiency while continuing to run full speed ahead with your business?

At Convoso, we’ve spent more than a decade helping companies improve their outbound marketing and sales. The success of our customers boils down to ensuring three main efficiencies:

  • Lead efficiency
  • Agent efficiency
  • Dialer efficiency

Improving these three efficiencies will boost your call center’s performance and profitability.

Lead efficiency: How to get the most out of your leads

The quality of your call center’s leads directly impacts your conversion efforts. We all know what happens with leads that are inactive, out-of-date, or lacking proper information — your agents end up working too hard to simply qualify leads. Conversion takes longer and requires more effort.

Lead efficiency means you’re optimizing the use of your lead list. You’re not leaving too many good leads on the table. Instead, you’re quickly qualifying and disqualifying leads accordingly. To reveal your lead efficiency, we initially look at two main KPIs:

  • List penetration rate measures the number of prospect records closed versus the total number of records in the campaign. It highlights the accuracy of your call list and its data.
  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) measures the total cost to get one specific acquisition (or conversion). The higher the CPA, the more resources you’re using to convert each lead.

Improve the quality of your leads, and you’ll likely see each of these KPIs improve accordingly. For example, Resource Marketing Corp (RMC) switched to Convoso in part to maximize its call center’s lead efficiency. RMC then streamlined its lead recycling capabilities, lead follow disposition workflows, and lead follow-up automation

“Our time and effort to reach the same amount of people has been reduced by 30%. We don’t have to overdial.” — Mike Velardi, Senior Vice President at RMC

Agent efficiency: How to get the most out of your agents 

Your call center’s agents are the wheels that keep your train going. Their ability to reach, connect with, and convert leads is what drives your success forward. Their efficiency is key to that success.

Unfortunately, agent turnover and burnout is a pervasive challenge. The call center industry currently suffers from a 30-45% average turnover rate of its agents. This can often be because agents are pushed to make too many calls with too little training or too few qualified leads. They might also struggle with frustrating, manual workflows.

To keep agents efficient, you want to keep them engaged and productive. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Onboard new agents properly to provide context on your company’s goals, customers, processes, and success indicators. On average, call center agents should receive 15 days of new hire onboarding training.
  • Provide ongoing training to existing agents to help them optimize their performance. Among other focuses, these trainings should include advanced sales techniques and feature updates.
  • Automate agent workflows with software that can set sophisticated rules for your leads, such as moving them to different campaigns and automatically launching an action. That way, agents can focus on converting leads instead of wrestling with your software system.

Dialer efficiency: How software lets you scale and automate outreach

While lead efficiency and agent efficiency certainly are stand-alone concepts, in the world of outbound marketing and sales, dialer efficiency is the ultimate enabler of the two.

Your dialer should help you get the absolute most out of both your leads and your agents. And it all starts with connections. Specifically, contact rate tends to be the first indicator of dialer efficiency. With many dialers, calls inevitably get stuck, forcing your call center to make more dials than what would otherwise be necessary. Answering machine detection may also be poor, and the quality of the carriers used by dialers matters tremendously too.

Simply put, the way your dialer was built impacts the efficiency that your call center experiences.

When it comes to your leads, dialer efficiency lets you make sure that real-time leads are dialed right away, without coming at the expense of connecting with your other leads. A high dialer efficiency ensures the right balance with respect to all your leads.

Your dialer should also ensure maximum talk time for your agents. This tends to be enabled through a number of settings, rules and other best practices to be executed based on the nuances of your call center operation.

Finally, dialer efficiency leads to management efficiency. It’s about letting a manager step away from the system to focus on other initiatives crucial to the growth of the business. We hear that from our customers all the time.

“I have gained back 1-1.5 hours every day. I wouldn’t have had that time before.” — Mike Velardi, SVP, RMC

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