Home Security Sales Scripts to Step Up Your Next Campaign

Home Security Sales Scripts to Step Up Your Next Campaign

March 9, 2023 | Convoso

If you’re in home security, you’re selling much more than security systems. You’re selling protection and peace of mind. So, how do you make sure that customers get the right message each time an agent gets on the phone?

Use these home security script best practices to deliver the right pitch and drive more conversions for your business.



Telemarketing Script Best Practices for Home Security

Start with a Solid Hook

Every successful home security sales call needs to get off to a good start. How you or an agent handle those first seconds is crucial to not just keeping a customer on the line but setting the tone for the rest of the conversation.

Make sure your call opener incorporates the following elements:

  • A positive tone: Agents need to be upbeat at all times. Positivity attracts positivity. Project the idea that you’re somebody that’s on their side, and they might just actually come over to your side.
  • A reminder of their interest: When you’re dialing leads that have opted in online, be sure to remind them that they are the ones who asked you to call. Using data from your CRM, you can refresh their memory on how and when they opted in, which can immediately boost your credibility and help recapture their interest.
  • A question at the end: Depending on your area’s TCPA compliance requirements, you may need to open the call differently than others. But all script openers should end with the same thing: a question. This gives the prospect the opportunity to respond, and the agent the opportunity to listen and learn. Their response will determine the next step in the script for the agent.


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Create a Sense of Urgency

Urgency is an essential ingredient in sales, especially when they’re made over the phone. Without urgency—a reason to make a purchase now instead of later—what’s keeping a customer from hanging up then and there?

Sometimes, urgency is simply a product of getting the right person on the line—someone who wants a home security solution urgently. However, other times it’s something an agent needs to create. Here are some effective ways to do so in your script:

  • Use a time-sensitive offer: One of the most common ways to inject urgency into a sale is to make an offer that expires soon. Use home security campaign scripts that highlight offers that will expire in the near-future, such as after an upcoming holiday.
  • Make convenience seem temporary: If your goal is to have a field team member stop by in person, tell your lead that your team will be in their area during a specific time. Saying “We’ll be in your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon” is much more likely to lead to action than a broad statement like “Our will be servicing your area.” 
  • Imply urgency: Sometimes the right words aren’t about actual urgency; the urgency is merely implied. In addition to offering specific time frames for appointments, sprinkling phrases like “if you act now” or even words like “today” can amp up the urgency.


Account for Objections

In home security sales, odds are you’re bound to hear a lot more noes than you do yesses. But not every no is a lost cause if your agents know how to react. 

Be sure that your scripts and script notes include your best rebuttals to common objections. As you build your new sales script, list as many objections as you think of and brainstorm your responses. Then, encourage agents to add more to the list as they encounter them. Coming up with new responses as a team can be a highly effective training exercise as well.

Oftentimes, though, the best way to handle objections is to get out ahead of them. Asking potential customers question like these not only shows that you care but can put agents in a position to proactively respond before they jeopardize a conversion:

  • Do you have any issues around ______, specifically?
  • You mentioned X and seem concerned with this. What do you think about this?
  • What’s standing in the way of you making a purchase today?


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Personalize as Much as Possible

When 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, your scripts need to reflect that. Identify areas of your script that can be improved with data from your CRM. For instance, your script opener can reflect your past conversations and contact history with your customer. Likewise, if you know what kind of content attracted a lead to opt in the first place, you might lean more on messaging related to that topic.

When you can’t rely on personalization ahead of time, your scripts can still support a more personalized experience. Ensure that there’s plenty of space for qualifying questions—during these portions of the call agents can practice active listening to understand customers’ individual pain points and concerns.


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How to Make Your Home Security Campaign Scripts Really Count

Our guide and downloadable home security script samples can help you develop scripts that drive results. But at the end of the day, achieving real growth depends on much more than the right script. Use these tips to ensure that your scripts are just one effective part of a well-oiled sales machine.


Rely on High-Quality Data

If you’re relying on low-quality leads to make sales, there’s only so much even the best script can do for you. High-quality data may come with a higher price tag, but invest in the right technology, talent, and tools, and you can still achieve an incredible return on your call center solutions investments.


Avoid Call Labeling and Boost Contact Rates

You can’t make sales if your leads don’t pick up in the first place. Leverage top-of-the-line caller ID reputation management solutions to help avoid the dreaded “Spam Likely” labels and call blocking that can hamper contact rates.


Get There Fast with Speed to Lead

Contact rates will also suffer without effective speed to lead. Equip your home security sales team with a dialer software that’s able to prioritize warm leads and get there before the competition—or before leads lose interest.


Help Your Agents Stay on Script (and Support Compliance)

Agents shouldn’t have to rehearse their campaign scripts as though they’re giving a speech. Today’s top contact center tools make it much easier than that to stay on script. Dynamic scripting software can provide agents with personalized scripts that update in real time so they can deliver the right message and steer clear of compliance slip-ups.


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