Event Recap: Convoso Client, TaskUs Hosts Leading CX Influencers at CX Summit

Quality over quantity was the major takeaway for David Brown in his attendance of this year’s CX Summit. Brown, Convoso’s Director of Customer Experience, attended the TaskUs hosted event alongside Convoso’s CEO, Nima Hakimi. TaskUs, an industry leading tech contact center BPO, held this year’s event in San Francisco, CA. Brown and Hakimi, along with the Convoso team, were thrilled at the opportunity to attend, promote, and learn from one of our favorite clients.


TaskUs provided its’ guests with heavy hitters in the thought leader/influencers space. Keynote speakers at the event represented the top industry leaders in customer experience–like LinkedIn, Zendesk, Dropbox , and event hosts–TaskUs.

  • Innovation.
  • The future of the customer experience.
  • The ups and downs of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in the customer experience.

Above, were the key talking points that really drove the conversation at this year’s CX Summit. Brown was impressed at how analytical and statistically driven these keynote speeches were. “As customer’s we are all trying to avoid that ‘Oh my…’ moment when reaching out to notoriously lackluster support (service) lines. As more and more data comes out about the ROI that comes with great customer experience–I know for a fact we will be be seeing companies focusing heavily on combating any hardship customer’s face when contacting support.”

One approach companies are taking to facilitate better customer experience is through adopting AI (artificial intelligence) tools to support their existing service tools. Currently, the consumer’s idea of AI through support is through chatbots and email filtering. Chatbots (automatic responses), are currently viewed by many customers as complex and feature early-stage solutions that produce vanilla counterproductive results. “A big talk of CX Summit was the likely abandonment of email based support teams. It is slow, archaic, and emotionless. The inability to personally connect through email can make an  issue worse when a client is seeking empathy.  This is why customer service is moving into more live or even active social channels to deliver quality support interactions.” Said Brown.

Instead, AI integrations with customer support allows for customers to experience instantaneous routing or direct responses from live agents. Currently, the lack of intuitiveness with AI chatbots leaves the customer extremely frustrated and oftentimes seeking real human support for their issues. The continued failure of chatbots has lead companies to rethink how they implement AI for delivering  truly genuine customer experience.

Imagine the concept of an intuitive emailing system. One that directs you to the proper customer service agent and commits itself to providing helpful answers through inbound links. A system intuitive enough to sense the tone of a message and forward it along to a properly vetted agent. This futuristic technology is currently being implemented by some of the biggest companies in the world. This technology reigned as a key talking point throughout the CX Summit event.

The intricate focus into the customer experience has caused a shift in the paradigm where B2B and B2C providers are actually seeking MORE customer feedback and engagement. Thus, ditching new technology in chatbots for the chance of receiving genuine user feedback and relaying quality customer experience.  Something noted by Summit CX keynote speaker Alex Mozes, Director of Support for Udemy, as, “ You want MORE tickets, not less.” A concept derived from the idea that ROI analytics and indicators point to quality customer experience as a focal point for the birth of a company’s loyal customers.  Since this is true, having customers wanting to engage your company within inbound and outbound operations creates loyalty and customers willing to share their great experiences. Thus lowering your potential churn rate and raising your NPS ( Net Promoter Score).

Overall, Mozes’ presentation was extremely compelling. His overarching concept in his ideology of “You wanting MORE tickets, not less.” is that quality customer experience can lead to customer service being a profitable vertical of a company. If done correctly, customer service can serve as a driver of revenue rather than a cost center of a business. More data allows for a larger vision of what your customers are looking for. Allow your company to be proactive not just reactive.

TaskUs, host of the event, also had one of the most informative keynote sessions of the event. Jaspar Weir, President of TaskUs, held the keynote presentation “Managing a Millennial Workforce.” Weir, a millennial himself, was able to effectively relay how to manage the rapidly growing millennial workforce in customer-facing positions. Likewise, Weir relayed how to properly unify the array of work ethics in today’s normal diverse office spaces. Normally filled with Babyboomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials. The keynote gave insight into the Millennial cohort. He detailed what makes Millennials tick–as well as how to harness their power to increase productivity and ESAT scores.

Convoso CEO Nima Hakimi has this to say about the event, “A lot of my takeaways from CX Summit are purely quality over quantity. A lot of companies are running campaigns that strive on quality customer experiences. Quality experiences drives loyalty to the company. Treat people like people–not just a ticket number.”


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