Easily Transition Call Center Agents to Work From Home During COVID-19

Despite plenty of uncertainty in today’s world, you can rely on this: Convoso is experienced in helping call centers stay productive as they switch to remote operations. 

Here’s a quick overview of what to consider as you transition or set up your sales and lead generation team in a virtual call center. If your current dialer doesn’t have the capabilities or support, it could put you quickly behind the competition.

We know how it works. We have been doing it for a while. Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, 50% of our customers operated with remote agents.

Our browser-based solution uses flexible, advanced technology that allows you to smoothly transition your agents to work from home. Your team could be in operation right away with as little as a laptop or Chromebook, a headset, and a stable internet connection.

Our customer at NextGen Leads, George Mueller (VP Sales & Operations), has 80 agents who work from home with Convoso’s omnichannel contact center software. Here’s what he had to say about their quick switch to a virtual operation: “We’ve even seen an increase in our productivity since transitioning to remote agents.”   Read the full customer story for NextGen Leads.

Setting up your team for success

While acknowledging that the impact of the pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for everyone, we are committed to making lemonade from lemons. We’re here to help you maintain productivity for your call center operation, so you can stay competitive. That’s Convoso standing up to our core values of being positive and putting the customer first.

Here are some of the key features you’ll want in a dialer to effectively set up and manage a virtual call center team [all available with Convoso]:

  • Effortless Start up.  Use a web-based solution so there is no need for every agent to have software installed. We suggest buying agents low cost laptops or Chromebooks that meet minimum technical requirements for your provider. Agents can access the Convoso dialer as long as they have a reliable internet connection.
  • Tools to Manage and Monitor Productivity.  Numerous features such as the Agent Monitor, Agent Productivity Report, Wrap-up Time Limit and more help manage agent efficiency.
  • Listen and whisper.  Admins can listen in on calls, whisper to agents, and jump in on conversations if needed.
  • Automations and workflows help you to keep an active workforce that continues to meet your goals.
  • Broadcast text messages to one or more agents in real time and get visibility on who has acknowledged the message. With this feature you can quickly update agents or motivate the team.
  • Real time analytics, such as the List Conversion Report and Status Lead Penetration Report, enable you to follow the data trends of the day and maximize the efficiency of your leads and WFH agents.

All you need to support Work From Home agents

  • Stable internet connection
  • Laptop or Chromebook [Convoso customers must meet minimum technical requirements for CPU and RAM.]
  • Headset

Keep in mind that hiring WFH agents gives employers access to a bigger pool of talent, not limited by geographic locations. You many find this article helpful for managing remote agents  –  it highlights 14 top call center management tools to drive engagement and productivity of at-home agents. The article includes a downloadable infographic summarizing the Cool Tools to Boost Agent Productivity.

Team Convoso is here to support sales and lead gen teams with call centers needing to transition to remote operations.  Get more resources on our Virtual Call Center page, including links to webinars, an ebook, tools, and more.

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