Bradley Lead Group Finds a Blend of Success with Convoso (Case Study)

Bradley Lead Group Finds a Blend of Success with Convoso (Case Study)

June 6, 2017 | Convoso

Bradley Lead Group used Convoso’s call center software to reach new heights as a business, including increasing contact rates by 30% and reducing customer wait times by 50%.

Bradley Lead Group used Convoso’s innovative call center software to reach new heights as a business

Bradley Lead Group used Convoso’s innovative call center software to reach new heights as a business. After being on Convoso for a little under a year, BLG saw great results:

  • Increase contact rate of leads by 30% with Local Caller ID, allowing them to not only use less but be able to staff more and obviously utilize more
  • Reduce customer wait times by 50%. Under the previous system customers would typically wait on average a full minute. Now with Convoso, customer wait time is down to 30 seconds 
  • Substantial Increase in agent efficiency because of the user interface resulting in a better user experience
  • Predominant increase in conversions This has allowed BLG to speak with more leads on a day-to-day basis, thus increasing sales & conversions

Challenges Before Convoso

BLG prides themselves in employing expert call center agents that facilitate outbound and inbound phone prospecting to ensure all leads are vetted for the most optimal and productive sales experience. As of 2017, BLG’s team of 100+ agents have stayed true to their commitment towards generating and providing their clients with both high quality and volume leads – but that wasn’t always the case.

Prior to deploying Convoso’s system, BLG’s call center technology stack was comprised of multiple different solutions that were required to manage and handle their day-to-day operations. The use of several different tools not only subjected BLG with inefficiencies, but also lacked the capabilities and features they needed to help them handle the volume and growth of their business. BLG’s owner, Billy Ness, indicated that despite the many frustrations he encountered from using all those systems, the issues weren’t uncommon, and have been unavoidable even in call center software tools he’s used in the past. His challenges included: inability to access and manage their systems from a phone or tablet, low contact rates achieved with their dialer, inadequate automation capabilities, a lack of truly customizable reporting capabilities, and much more. Most importantly, BLG faced challenges with their list management. Ness quickly recognized the only way to prevent their company from continuously wasting time and money by burning through thousands of leads on a daily basis was searching for a new and truly unified call center solution; one that came fully equipped with a more powerful dialer.

When his search for a new solution began, Ness was met with a mixed bag of emotions. Finding  the customizations and features he required to grow his business seemed next to impossible. Ness searched for a system that had the capacity to handle multiple campaigns at once and could automatically maximize lead lists for optimal agent utilization rates. Ness also emphasized the importance of an intuitive user experience in order to not only eliminate any wasted productivity during the transition process, but to also simplify ongoing agent training and adoption as well. The search wasn’t an easy one: “It was definitely daunting.” Ness explained, “Frustrating would be the best way to describe it. It’s hard to find a solution that fits all my needs because of how specific they are to my business – it goes beyond what most most dialer services offer.”

How Convoso Helped

In June of 2015, Bradley Lead Group chose Convoso as their call center solution using Convoso’s Omni Contact Center. Ever since,  BLG has been using Convoso to help their blended operation reach new heights.

Prior to Convoso, Ness was dissatisfied about the little and irrelevant metrics and data that his reporting system provided. The metrics that were vital to BLG’s success such as: pause time, length of calls, list penetration rate, and conversion rate were either unavailable, or buried under a mass of data in a incomprehensible spreadsheet. Now using Convoso, BLG is reliant on the call center KPIs that important to their business. With Convoso’s custom reporting capabilities automated to send to his inbox, Ness and his organization have saved dozens of hours spent sifting through data.

Convoso’s capability for blended campaign management also immensely helped push BLG to the success they are at today. This capability allowed for a stark increase in the productivity of BLG’s agents allowing them to seamlessly handle multiple campaigns simultaneously. Not to mention, “the platform’s easy accessibility via the cloud and being able to change settings on my dialer, correct something while I am away from the office, or check in on real-time performance has been an invaluable addition to my business.”

Ness was also pleased to find that Convoso’s platform alleviated his initial concern about the potential challenges and setbacks that transitioning to a new platform would have on his agents.  However, the exact opposite occurred! “Immediately after deployment, my agents fell in love with Convoso’s user interface and user experience, it was an intuitive experience which allowed them to easily start placing and receiving calls right away.”  


With Convoso’s unrivaled features, BLG immediately experienced an increase in their overall call productivity which not only lowered their cost per conversion, but helped them increase their output by over double.

Ness raved about the many positive outcomes that came with the deployment of Convoso’s platform. He placed a strong emphasis on the huge improvements in their contact rate indicating that Convoso, “increased [his] average contact rate by over 30% at the very least!” Convoso’s system also gave him the power to “utilize a lot less leads which has saved tens of thousands of dollars.”

The user interface was what really wowed Billy Ness of Bradley Lead Group. “What won us over at first was basically the user experience. It looks really nice. Definitely much better than what we had or were prospecting at the time.”

Ness’ biggest accolade was in regards to Convoso’s “excellent support team” who from day one to today have treated BLG “as if [they] were their number one priority customer.”

“I really can’t thank Convoso enough for everything they have done for me. Between their system’s capabilities, and their amazing support…they have really helped my call center grow to where it is today. Even better, their price is incredibly generous for the amount of functionalities and results I’ve gotten” Ness added.

As one of our valued customers, Convoso is extremely proud of the progress of BLG. We strive to make our solution as adaptable as possible–it is thrilling to see BLG use our solution to such success!

About Bradley Lead Group

Bradley Lead Group is a lead generation group that focuses its efforts on qualifying extremely high quality leads in numerous financial sectors.

Westminster, Colorado based Bradley Lead Group, also known as BLG, is a lead generation company focused on leveraging a blended call center experience to deliver high quality and a high-volume of leads to a variety of industries including their most common type, credit repair businesses.

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