5 Home Security Lead Generation Strategies to Land More Leads and Secure Your Business

If you’re in the home security business, you already know just how important a steady supply of leads is to your success. But you also know that home security lead generation can be a time-consuming, even tedious, process with no guarantee of success.

If you’re after high-quality home security leads, then what you need are sustainable strategies to match. Browse the top five approaches below and start focusing on lead generation practices that inject a new level of efficiency into your marketing program—and can deliver growth over the long haul. 


1. Start with your website

In the digital age, your website is just as important as your brick-and-mortar storefront was (or would have been) in previous years. It’s also the hub of your home security lead generation practice. Potential customers and upper-funnel leads come to your website to learn more about your business and your services, and determine whether you might be a good fit for their needs.

To reflect this importance, it’s crucial that you put time into developing a well-structured, easy-to-use website. Whether you’re able to design it yourself internally or need to enlist the help of a marketing agency, making it easy for people to discover your business (and your contact info) online should be priority number one. Beyond the basics of clearly listed services and contact information, use your site to showcase your knowledge and the work you’ve done with high-quality written and video content.


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2. Drive leads through optimized search

Your website provides a foundation to generate awareness of your business. People searching for services or information on home security will be able to discover your business—potentially, at least. The reality is that the competition for real estate and attention is hotly contested. To supplement your site’s presence and take full advantage of the channel, focus on these key home security lead generation strategies:


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3. Strike up the right partnerships

Sometimes lead generation is all about who you know. Word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are still some of the most effective means of boosting home security lead generation.

Incentivizing customer referrals with special offers can garner more top-quality leads, but beyond this, sometimes it’s local institutions that can provide the most fruitful partnerships. Survey the areas you serve to identify organizations that might be able to offer referrals. Consider developing partnerships with local hardware stores and even big-box home improvement stores.


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4. Establish a local presence, virtually

Home security isn’t just a service, for people in local communities it’s a top priority, a state of mind, and a topic of conversation. Social media platforms like Facebook and, in particular, Nextdoor enable home security professionals to directly engage with communities and offer insights as they grapple with home security topics. Use these platforms to create security-focused discussion groups or join existing ones. Over time, you can develop trust, generate very high-quality home security leads, and grow your business.


5. Contact and qualify leads with speed (and then convert)

Direct outreach strategies can still play a huge role in home security lead generation. However, in this day and age, cold calling alone won’t always cut it. Support smart outbound dialing strategies with omnichannel solutions that boost contact rates over voice, email, and SMS channels. In addition to omnichannel support, be sure to lean on dialer software that can deliver winning speed to lead. Whether you’re qualifying new leads or trying to convert them, the ability to contact them quickly is often what separates the best home security companies from the rest.


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