Sales Lead Optimization 101 with IPQS: Validate Your Leads and Drive More Revenue

Introduction – 0:00

Convoso CMO Lisa Leight kicks off the webinar and introduces guests, IPQS CEO Dennis Weiss and CTO Dave Mackler.

The Importance of Lead Validation – 0:40

Weiss and Mackler talk about just why validating your leads is so important and share an overview of how IPQS is able to effectively validate leads in real time.

Best Practices for Lead Validation – 2:40

Mackler explains why no matter which industry you’re in, many of the challenges posed by lead fraud are the same.

What Sets IPQS Apart? – 3:59

The leaders of IPQS talk about what makes their fraud detection and protection services apart from their competitors.

The Impact of IPQS – 5:29

Weiss and Mackler share some examples—including recent success working with TikTok—of how IPQS has made a difference for companies in lead generation and beyond.

Sales Lead Optimization: How to Get the Most Out of Validated Data – 9:42

Once you’ve validated your data, you still need to work it effectively to make the most out of it. Mackler and Weiss offer insights on how IPQS’s tools can help teams optimize their sales leads. Lisa Leight also discusses some important best practices for improving contact rates and getting the most of your leads and your agents’ time.

Wrap-Up – 16:59

Wrapping up the webinar, Weiss and Mackler share their contact information, as well as a special offer for new IPQS customers!

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