Improve Home Services & Solar Call Center Contact Rates| Webinar

Introduction 3:40

Our panelists—Convoso Chief Product Officer Bobby Hakimi, call center industry veteran Heather Griffin, and Balto CEO Marc Bernstein—introduce the topic of the day: how to improve contact and conversion rates by 30% at call centers in the home services and solar industries.

Why are your calls not getting through? – 10:05

Low contact rates can be a drag on productivity and profits. Bobby Hakimi and Heather Griffin explore what’s behind the rise in call blocking and flagging that’s harming call center contact rates.

Solutions to avoid call blocking and flagging – 15:10

How do you beat call blocking and flagging to increase contact rates? See how smarter outreach strategies, caller ID reputation management, and other tools can help as the panelists dive deep into available solutions.

Demo of Convoso Caller ID Reputation Management – 27:45

Convoso’s new and improved Caller ID Reputation Management solution makes it easier than ever to see what numbers (and carriers) are causing issues. Get an inside look at the tools during this demo.

Lost opportunities = Lost revenue – 33:02

During day to day operations, there are always lost opportunities. These add up to lost revenue for your call center. Fortunately, as Marc Bernstein details, many of these missed opportunities and mistakes are preventable.

Real-Time Guidance by Balto – 39:35

Balto’s AI-driven Real-Time Guidance solution analyzes everything agents and customers are saying and gives agents recommendations (in real time!) on how they can be as effective as possible.

Live Demo of Balto – 47:53

See Balto’s Real-Time Guidance solution in action as Bernstein gives a demo and shows how its capabilities perfectly complement the Convoso dialer.