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eQuoto is a trailblazer in the competitive world of insurance lead generation, seamlessly connecting potential customers with the right insurance solutions. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Danny Greeson, eQuoto has harnessed over a decade of industry experience to navigate the complexities of outbound and inbound call transfers. 

Despite his extensive expertise, Greeson faced significant challenges in this dynamic landscape. Frequent system downtimes disrupted operations, high costs burdened the budget, and inadequate support from previous providers led to inefficiencies. Determined to overcome these hurdles, eQuoto turned to Convoso’s cutting-edge dialer technology.

This strategic move has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, stability, and performance. In an interview, Greeson shared how Convoso has been instrumental in driving eQuoto’s success, transforming its approach to lead generation and customer engagement.

The eQuoto Story

Their Challenges

  • Frequent system downtimes with previous dialers
  • High costs and low lead penetration rates
  • Slow response times and inadequate support 
  • Managing expensive first-party opt-in data efficiently

Our Solution

  • Powerful predictive dialer software
  • Effective DID reputation management
  • Advanced reporting and administrative oversight
  • Dynamic scripting for better call efficiency
  • Exceptional uptime
  • Robust customer support

The Results

  • 67% increase in conversion rates of leads into billable calls
  • 30% rise in overall conversion rates
  • Consistent uptime and reliability
  • Enhanced agent morale and productivity
  • Improved agent performance tracking

I consider Convoso a best of breed technology. I’ve tried over the years to save money on other types of solutions that ended up being more costly in the long run… you may be paying a little more, but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Previous Dialers Fail to Deliver

Before making the switch to Convoso, eQuoto struggled with significant challenges from its previous dialer solutions. Frequent system downtimes and inefficiencies plagued its operations, causing substantial disruptions. 

“The previous experiences we had with other dialers were very frustrating. Things would be working very well and then they would suddenly not one day. Our contact rates were way down. It’s impossible that suddenly all the leads are bad, so it’s got to be something technology-driven that’s causing that.”

In addition to stressful and morale-killing technical issues, the slow response times and inadequate support from previous providers created enormous hurdles for eQuoto. When technical problems arose, delayed responses and a lack of immediate assistance meant business operations were disrupted indefinitely.

This led to critical downtime and inefficiencies, directly impacting the team’s ability to maintain contact rates and provide consistent service to clients. “What’s crucial for us is uptime and efficiency,” Greeson emphasizes. “We generate our own first-party opt-in data, which is expensive, so maximizing the value of those leads is paramount.”

Unlocking New Potential with Convoso

eQuoto’s transition to Convoso’s dialer solution marked a significant turning point. Convoso’s usability, efficiency, and robust support made an immediate impact.

“The first thing that stood out was just the usability of the interface. It’s a much prettier application than just about anything else out there. Our experience has been very positive with regard to how Convoso stacks up against what we’ve used in the past, specifically with the efficiency of penetrating the leads and data that we’re now generating.”

Simultaneous Campaigns Maximize Contact Rate

Convoso’s ability to run multiple campaigns simultaneously was a game-changer for Greeson’s team. This feature maximizes agent productivity by allowing them to handle various campaigns without being tied to just one. With Convoso, eQuoto can efficiently distribute calls across multiple campaigns, keeping agents busy and ensuring a higher contact rate.

Effective DID Management Enhances Call Quality

Properly managing direct inward dialing (DID) numbers is essential for eQuoto to maintain high call quality and avoid spam labels. Convoso’s robust DID management tools assist Greeson’s team in keeping their numbers fresh, which significantly boosts call success rates. By actively rotating and managing DIDs, eQuoto ensures that its calls are more likely to be answered and less likely to be flagged as spam.

Dynamic Scripting Boosts Call Efficiency

Improving call efficiency and effectiveness through dynamic scripting is a key component of Convoso’s offering. This feature automatically integrates relevant data points from leads into the script, ensuring that agents have all necessary information readily available. This allows agents to handle calls more effectively, delivering personalized and precise information to prospects without the need for manual data retrieval.

Answering Machine Detection Optimizes Agent Time

Optimizing call efficiency with accurate answering machine detection is crucial for eQuoto’s success. “If it’s not good answering machine detection, you can have false positives, and that hurts your lead penetration. We don’t want our agents leaving voicemails; it’s wasting time,” Greeson explains.

Convoso’s advanced answering machine detection technology ensures that agents connect with live prospects and avoid wasting time on voicemails.

Advanced Reporting Provides Critical Insights

Advanced reporting capabilities are vital for administrative oversight and operational insights. Convoso’s sophisticated reporting tools allow eQuoto to monitor performance metrics in real time, providing a clear picture of agent activities and campaign effectiveness.

“The reporting is leaps and bounds better than what we’ve seen on other applications.”

Convoso Drives Exceptional Performance Gains

Conversion Rates Soar by 67% with Convoso

eQuoto experienced a substantial improvement in conversion rates after implementing Convoso’s technology. Its conversion of leads into billable calls increased by 67%, rising from 3% to 5%. This impressive improvement highlights Convoso’s effectiveness in enhancing lead-generation processes.

Additionally, eQuoto saw a 30% increase in overall conversion rates, reflecting broader improvements in lead qualification and engagement processes facilitated by Convoso’s platform.

Overall, the increase in conversion rates, coupled with reduced operational costs, underscores the significant value Convoso brings to eQuoto. The efficiency gains enable the company to use its resources better, driving down costs while improving results.

Unwavering Operational Stability Eliminates Costly Downtime

Convoso consistently delivers vital uptime and reliability for eQuoto, ensuring smooth operations without the unexpected downtimes that previously disrupted its business. Convoso’s stability allows eQuoto to maintain seamless operations and avoid significant operational hiccups.

“One thing that sets Convoso apart is stability, uptime, and consistency. When you don’t have those things, your business can be humming along very nicely, and then suddenly this rogue wave hits you and it really impacts your day in the call center business.”

Convoso’s reliable technology also enhances agent morale and productivity. By reducing technical issues and providing exceptional support, Convoso helps create a happier, more efficient work environment where agents are not constantly dealing with system failures.

“Since we’ve been with Convoso, we haven’t had any sort of catastrophic event that’s affected our business. We’ve eliminated the morale-destroying issues caused by tech that doesn’t work.”

Agent Morale and Performance Reach New Highs

Convoso’s platform significantly boosts agent satisfaction and performance tracking. By providing management with the necessary tools to monitor and optimize agent activity, eQuoto has better oversight and operational efficiency.

“We had some people who were kicking and screaming about changing the platform, and now they swear by it.”

Convoso enables eQuoto to clearly see each agent’s available time, talk time, and disposition time, facilitating detailed performance analysis. eQuoto is a 100% work-from-home company, so this feature is essential for effective management.

Driving Success with Convoso

eQuoto’s journey with Convoso demonstrates the transformative power of advanced technology in the world of insurance lead generation. By addressing the critical challenges of system downtimes, high costs, and low lead penetration rates, Convoso has enabled eQuoto to achieve remarkable efficiency, stability, and performance. 

The substantial improvements in conversion rates, operational reliability, and agent productivity underscore the significant value Convoso has brought to eQuoto’s operations. Greeson’s experience highlights the importance of investing in quality solutions:

“There may be cheaper solutions out there, but they don’t reach half of your leads. You get what you pay for. With Convoso, the juice is worth the squeeze.”

Take the Next Step with Convoso

Ready to revolutionize your lead generation process? Join eQuoto and many others who have experienced the unparalleled benefits of Convoso’s advanced dialer technology. 

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Convoso can help you achieve similar outstanding results.

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