2022 State by State Calling Restrictions

This quick reference guide helps outbound call centers stay in compliance with state restrictions on calling times.

The chart content is provided courtesy of the compliance experts at the law firm Mac Murray & Shuster LLP, and shows specific calling restrictions for every state, including time and day restrictions, as well as holiday restrictions.

Download our latest State by State Calling Restrictions PDF.

Why you need this quick reference chart:  State-by-state compliance

According to Michele Shuster, “Compliance with state laws is increasingly important thanks to the Supreme Court’s recent decision in a case called Facebook v. Duguid, which minimized the reach of the national [TCPA] law. While a lot of companies expected that restrictions on calling would loosen as a result of this decision, states have actually begun to step up with stiffer enforcement and regulations.”

While every state has different requirements regarding telemarketing calls, keeping up with changing state laws is more important than ever.

There are state-specific disclosures and restricted call times, days of the week, and specific holidays. For example, your dialer should not be making a call to anyone in Alabama on the first Monday in June because it’s Jefferson Davis Day. In some states, the agent needs to give their full name, or their address, while in others, they can’t rebuttal.

You want to be sure your outbound dialer is up-to-date with all the rules. As an example, in response to COVID-19, New York now has rules restricting calls if you don’t have an existing business relationship.

“I can’t imagine how an agent can remember which disclosures to use, especially with changes going on all the time. At Convoso we implement a smart scripting capability which, based on recognizing the state that the call is either coming from or going out to, displays the appropriate disclosures into the script.” —Nima Hakimi, CEO

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Outbound Contact Center Compliance

State calling restrictions also apply to Do Not Call registries, both national and state. Convoso’s integration with Contact Center Compliance (dnc.com) allows customers to automate “Do Not Call” and serial litigator filtering, saving companies time and costs in maintaining regulatory compliance.

Learn more about compliance for outbound contact centers at our TCPA Compliance Resource Center, including information about TCPA, TSR, STIR-SHAKEN, and more.

DOWNLOAD the quick reference pdf  State by State Calling Restrictions“*

*Nothing in this document constitutes legal advice. You should consult an attorney for guidance on regulatory compliance.

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