Convoso Performs Above Other Dialers to Help Competitive Company Grow

The switch to Convoso created a path for continued growth for Call Trader, delivering improvements in contact rates, automation, DID management, reporting, and customer support.

The San Francisco–based customer acquisition company was struggling to get through lists efficiently due to rampant spam flagging and a lack of reporting insights. Following a successful trial and a smooth transition to Convoso, the company has higher expectations about productivity and ROI.

We spoke with CEO Gabe Bletnitsky to learn about the impact Convoso has had on his business.

Results After Switching to Convoso

  • Improved contact rates
  • Automated workflows and list management save manager time and improve performance
  • Streamlined caller ID reputation management process combats call flagging issues
  • Robust reporting offers better understanding of KPIs and call center performance

Other Dialers Don’t Measure Up

Call Trader is right in the thick of a fast-paced, growing industry. In this environment, businesses can’t afford to leave performance and growth opportunities on the table. With their old outbound dialers, that’s exactly what was happening: between low contact rates, flagged and blocked DIDs, and a lack of robust reporting, Call Trader needed to change things up in order to grow.

They decided to play the field, trialing a handful of different outbound dialer options. Of course, they ultimately landed on Convoso’s powerful cloud-based dialer software. According to CEO and Founder Gabe Bletnitsky, the alternatives simply lacked the same level of customer service, automation, and reporting that Convoso has to offer, making it an easy decision in the end.

Fast forward to today and, thanks to the feature-rich software and collaborative support team, Bletnitsky and the rest of Call Trader are looking forward to a growth-filled future that’s fueled by their partnership with Convoso.

Automation Saves Time and Drives List Penetration

Automation is at the heart of Convoso’s most powerful capabilities, something Bletnitsky credits with solving a variety of Call Trader’s prior issues. For instance, the dialer gives Call Trader teams the ability to easily distinguish between fresher and older leads—and dial accordingly. “We’ve been able to automate some of our lead workflows, which allows us to more actively penetrate our lists, and has improved our contact rates,” says Bletnitsky. 

Meanwhile, automation is also eliminating tedious tasks, giving decision-makers at Call Trader more time to direct strategy and improve their operation. Gone are the days of exporting hefty Excel sheets and manually tinkering with changes to workflows. Instead, Bletnitsky says Convoso takes care of it for them. “All of that happens behind the scenes and through the platform, which has saved us a lot of time.”

“[Convoso has] removed a lot of the manual intervention we’ve had to do in our previous dialers. We’re able to customize how we want leads to be contacted—how frequently as well as when to rest them.”

New DID Management Solutions Combat Flagged Numbers and Flagging Contact Rates

“Convoso has allowed us to create a whole DID management process which we didn’t have previously,” says Bletnitsky. The result? Fewer calls placed with flagged numbers and an increase in contact rates.

The key to these improvements is Convoso’s ClearCallerID™️ caller ID reputation management solution. In one easy-to-read dashboard, ClearCallerID breaks down the health and performance of a call center’s DIDs by carrier. Plus, predictive analytics forecast the impact of flagging and blocking on company KPIs. All told, managers get the info they need to proactively monitor and manage the health of their caller IDs—and can take action before they feel the effects on their bottom line. 

It’s super important to have a reliable dialer because we work and live in a highly regulated environment.”


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Reporting Offers Real Time and Historical Transparency

Without the ability to properly measure performance from different angles, it’s hard to get a true picture of your call center’s performance. Stepping up to Convoso’s robust call center analytics and reporting has delivered a newfound sense of transparency to Call Trader operations. “We have a better handle on our KPIs and metrics, and we’ve been able to create some new ones using the out-of-box reporting features Convoso offers,” says Bletnitsky. 

It’s not just the historical and real-time reports that come stock that are offering new levels of insight for the company, however. Bletnitsky says that the Convoso support team has worked with his team to develop custom reports tailored to Call Trader’s internal KPIs, which are distinct for their clients’ goals. 

“Convoso offers some pretty robust reporting that’s allowed us to get more granular on our metrics to optimize and improve the performance of our campaigns.” 

Customer Support Team Collaborates and Provides Custom Solutions

These custom solutions are part of what Bletnitsky describes as an “outstanding” level of customer service, something he hasn’t experienced with other dialers. “We’re always able to either get an answer to our question,” he says.“Or we even escalate it to have it potentially addressed in a future software release.”

With all of these solutions in place, and the Call Trader and Convoso teams moving forward in tandem, Gabe Bletnitsky can’t help but be excited about what the future holds: “We happen to be in a very fast-paced and growing industry. So, we’re especially excited about the growth of our business and specifically what Convoso has already been able to do for us. And we’re super excited about the growth we’re going to be able to achieve with the platform.”

Their customer service is outstanding. We’re always able to either get an answer to our question—or even escalate it to have it potentially addressed in a future software release.”

Get Dramatic Results for YOUR Call Center

Convoso is the ultimate dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. Our outbound call center customers report dramatic increases in contact rates of up to 3X when they switch to our cloud-based omnichannel contact center software, giving them higher conversions and significantly improved ROI.


See for yourself with a live demo how Convoso can help to boost the productivity of your outbound campaigns. The Convoso system works best with 20 or more seats, and scales efficiently to over 1000 seats to meet enterprise level requirements.

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