Health Insurance Team Unlocks Speed to Lead and 30% More Sales with Convoso’s Predictive Dialer

USHEALTH Advisors Agency talked about their team's success with Convoso’s contact center software solution

We interviewed Ron Leonard, Divisional Sales Leader at ACK Financial, a USHEALTH Advisors Agency, about his team’s success with Convoso’s contact center software solution. He talked about how they not only dramatically decreased their cost per acquisition, but how a 30% increase in contact rates using the Convoso dialer led to a corresponding increase in sales. 

“From what I’ve seen, there is no better dialer system than Convoso on Planet Earth today.”

USHEALTH Advisors is a national agency, made up of several independent agencies, that helps individuals, families, and small business owners across the country find health insurance to fit their needs. This story features one of those agencies.



Agency Challenges

  • Previous dialers lack the highest-level STIR/SHAKEN attestation, leading to blocked and flagged calls
  • Slow speed to lead and low contact rates drive sky-high CPA and churn on costly leads
  • Archaic dialer interfaces are cumbersome to use and lack customizability
  • Poor performance leads to low agent morale 

Our Solution

  • Powerful predictive dialer software
  • Unmatched speed to lead
  • A-level attestation and proactive TCPA compliance support
  • Dedicated CSMs to speed onboarding and optimize configuration
  • Real-time reporting and customizable dashboards

Agency Results

  • 30% increase in contact rates
  • 30% increase in overall sales
  • 75% lower cost per acquisition
  • Improved agent morale and sales momentum
  • Easier-to-use interface improves workflows



Health Insurance Dialers Lead to “Spam Likelies” and High Costs

With over six years at USHEALTH Advisors, there’s one thing Divisional Sales Leader Ron Leonard knows with absolute certainty: it’s getting harder than ever to get leads on the phone. Bouncing between a handful of dialer solutions from the likes of Xencall, VanillaSoft, and Salesforce, the number of his agents’ calls showing up as “Spam Likely” –if they’re even connected at all– continued to climb in recent years. 

Even worse, his lead costs were going up at the same time. With an average Cost Per Acquisition reaching as high as $2,000, Ron’s team at USHEALTH Advisors was in need of a shakeup.


White-Glove Onboarding Gets USHEALTH Advisors Up and Running in No Time

If you’re looking to make a change in your dialer software, timing is everything—especially if you’re working in the health insurance industry. With another hectic, all-important open enrollment season just a handful of months away, the team needed a change, but only one that could be made quickly and seamlessly. 

With Convoso, he found exactly that. Despite the huge step up in complexity offered by the Convoso system, a hands-on, dedicated customer support team made sure that Leonard and his team were set up to succeed quickly. In addition to optimizing the system’s performance for USHEALTH Advisors’ particular needs, Leonard’s CSMs were always there to answer any of his questions in mere minutes.

“I’ve never, ever had this level of customer service and tech support. Ever. It’s head and shoulder above anybody else.”


Reliability and Reputation Management Deliver 30% Higher Contact Rate

The onboarding of the system didn’t take long to pay off in a big way. By turning to dialer software that could deliver A-level attestation rates under STIR/SHAKEN protocols, Leonard’s team could rest assured that more of their calls were being connected to the leads they were dialing. And combined with Convoso’s caller ID reputation management solution, ClearCallerID™, more calls than ever before weren’t just being connected—they were making contact. Virtually overnight, USHEALTH Advisors saw a 30% increase in their contact rate, giving agents more chances to do what they do best and make a sale. 

“W​​e’re in the people business, and we’re trying to reach out and help people. But if we can’t reach them because their phone’s not ringing because the technology that we’re using is inferior, then we’re doing a disservice to people all over this country who need help.”


Speed to Lead Helps Drive 30% More Sales

As leads age, contact rates and the chances of conversion go down. So, with new batches of costly, high-quality leads coming in every day, Leonard’s team needed a dialer that could handle the volume of their leads and do so without letting the freshest leads go to waste. 

With Convoso, USHEALTH Advisors could immediately leverage unmatched speed to lead. By automatically ensuring that new leads are prioritized and delivering the fastest lead response time possible, agents were reaching customers while their products were still top-of-mind and closing an incredible 30% more sales. 

 “The speed of the call getting connected to that lead’s phone—it’s critical. It needs to be as fast as possible.”


Customizability Increases Agent and Manager Efficiency

Adding to their momentum, agents and admins like Leonard alike have enjoyed the customizability of the Convoso platform. Agents are able to easily see exactly what they need on their customizable dashboards. And on the back end, admins can hone in on ever-smarter dialing strategies with the help of the dialer’s built-in real-time analytics and automated reporting

“Other dialer systems are very wonky. They’re just not very sophisticated,” says Leonard. With Convoso’s easy-to-use interface, he and his agents are only gaining insights, they’re saving precious time. “I can go into my admin portal and I can make changes in real-time, on the spot. I can do it in seconds.”

 “As an admin, I can pretty much tweak, change, modify, revise, I can do just about anything I want to, and it really makes it a much better, more useful tool for the agent.”


Cost Per Acquisition Is Down 75+% and Agent Morale Is Up Immeasurably

All of these factors add up to a remarkable increase in overall call center efficiency. And the numbers don’t lie. With the Convoso dialer, USHEALTH Advisors have seen their Cost Per Acquisition drop by 75% or more. This return on investment will help them drive greater profits and grow their team in the days ahead.

Of course, the performance improvements aren’t just felt on the company’s bottom line. They’re felt on the sales floor. According to Leonard, all that momentum is palpable at the office. Since making the switch, USHEALTH Advisors’ agent morale has soared, as they talk to more and more leads every day. And it’s a trend that’s shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

 “Morale’s much higher. They’re excited. They’re fired up. They’re pumped. And that transmits from one call to the next.”


Get Dramatic Results for YOUR Call Center

Convoso is the ultimate dialer solution for sales and lead generation teams. Our outbound call center customers report dramatic increases in contact rates of up to 3X when they switch to our omnichannel contact center software, giving them higher conversions and significantly improved ROI.

The Convoso system works best with 20 or more seats, and scales efficiently to over 1000 seats to meet enterprise level requirements. See for yourself with a live demo how Convoso can help to boost the productivity of your outbound contact center operations. 

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