Revenue Up 30%, Costs Down 60% After Insurance Agency Converts to Convoso’s Powerful Dialer


Convoso is in the business of helping companies grow by reaching more leads, faster. When we get to chat with customers experiencing dramatic improvements to productivity and revenue after switching to our solution, everything aligns. Each success story we hear tells us we’re on the right track, making an impact.

Our talk with customer Matt Bowers, Vice President of Operations at Dynamic Insurance Services, was an inspiration. He shared the struggles they had with dismal contact rates dragging down sales and profitability, why his team together voted to switch to Convoso, and the incredible results they achieved that have them looking forward and planning further growth. 

Learn how this final expense insurance agency increased their ROI by lowering lead costs while boosting contact rates, revenue, agent morale.

The Dynamic Insurance Services Story

Their Challenges

  • Struggling to reach leads
  • Contact rates dropped so low that agents quit
  • High lead costs to hit sales goals
  • Low list penetration rates leaves uncontacted leads 
  • Long wait times harm agent morale and preparedness

Our Solution

  • Powerful dialer software with progressive dialing mode
  • Comprehensive caller ID reputation management platform
  • Workflow dialing settings for smarter, automated call cadences and follow-up
  • Robust call center reporting and analytics tools
  • Agent performance management tools, including Live Monitoring and Call Whisper

The Results

  • 30% increase in revenue
  • 60% lower per-agent lead costs thanks to greater penetration and performance
  • 50% increase in answer rate
  • 3X improvement in contact success rate, up to 90%
  • 5X shorter agent wait times, increased preparedness, and much-improved morale

Previous Low-Price Dialer Drives High Costs and Turnover

Vice President of Operations Matt Bower and his team of insurance agents at Dynamic Insurance Services are in the business of selling over the phone.

They had one big problem, though. People weren’t answering the phone. Even dialing warm leads who had asked to be contacted, answer rates had dropped dramatically. 

Dynamic Insurance was buying hundreds of new leads each day as they always had. They used a budget-friendly, basic dialer software, but their biggest investment in high-quality leads simply wasn’t paying off.

The culprit: Spam Risk and Scam Likely labels.

As it happens in too many contact centers, one problem led to another. And another. For Matt’s business, poor contact rates drove lead costs higher and higher as they sought to hit their targets.

And meanwhile, frustrated agents began to quit one by one. 

“For our company to sit here for hours at a time and basically have almost no one answering the phone was just about to put us out of business.”

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Smooth Switch to Convoso Is a Day-One Success

Matt knew they needed to change their dialer. But he and his agents hesitated to make the switch.

“The only regret that I have is that we spent about a year talking about this. And we just avoided it because of the pain of having to change dialers and move all of our data over.”

They held off, waiting for the right downtime that never came. But as performance continued to suffer, the right time became anytime.

So during a midday meeting with discouraged agents, they took a vote.

“The vote was ‘Let’s do it.’ So, we just stopped in the middle of one of our workdays and started sending the calls to the agents [via Convoso].”

In that single afternoon, with the system only half-converted, the difference in performance was clear:

  • Customers began picking up the phone again
  • Agents were talking to interested customers
  • Sales were being made

“It was a game-changer from day one. We all got back together…and really just celebrated the group decision to pull the trigger and make the conversion over to Convoso.”

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Convoso Progressive Dialing Triples Contact Success Rates, Lifts to 90%

After converting over to Convoso, life at Dynamic Insurance Services is dramatically different.

Convoso’s progressive dialing mode helps maintain a consistent dialing pace while still giving agents a chance to review customer records ahead of the call. The result is that answer rates have improved by an incredible 50%

What’s more, they’ve improve contact rates on follow-up attempts.

Convoso’s powerful dialer better penetrates long lists of leads and more intelligently rests and recycle lead. Matt’s team tinkers with the endlessly customizable workflow dialing settings and improved dialing strategies to avoid angering customers while getting the complete list penetration they want.

As a result, they’ve reached an overall contact success rate of 90%. That’s more than 3 times the number of contacts and customer conversations they were having before Convoso. 

“[With Convoso,] we’re going to talk to almost every single person that we try to reach out to. And we’re a talented group of folks—if they get on the phone with us, the odds of getting a sale on the board that day with that person goes up dramatically.”

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Value (ROI + Morale)

Matt knows that Convoso’s not the least expensive dialer option available. But, he says, when you take into account the increases in performance it’s delivered, the return on investment makes choosing this software a “no-brainer.”

As contact rates have increased so significantly, Dynamic Insurance Services have also driven 30% more revenue. At the same time, Matt has also been able to greatly scale back the number of leads he needs to buy—cutting per-agent lead costs by as much as 60%.

“With our previous dialer, our answer rate was so low, and our lead penetration was so low, that even though it was costing less per month, our acquisition cost was probably three to four times higher than what it is with Convoso”

Of course, it’s not just the bottom line that’s seen an incredible boost. Matt says that his team of agents is more prepared to make sales and in a better mood along the way. 

The increases in contact rates have been crucial. As activity has picked up, agents are no longer waiting 20 or 30 minutes to get a transfer like they were when no one was answering the phone. Instead, agents are waiting just a few minutes, and they’re always ready to sell now.

The impact of this improvement in preparedness and morale, he says, is “every bit as important” for their ROI as the decrease in acquisition costs.

“It really doesn’t take long to figure out that if you’re talking to more people consistently, your agents are better prepared to take a transfer, and in a better mood to sell, your acquisition cost goes way down.”

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Control Over Caller ID Management Is Key to Change in Fortunes

Making a drastic change in the way caller ID health is managed was at the heart of the Dynamic Insurance Services improvements.

On their previous dialer, caller IDs’ reputation was managed entirely by an automated system running in the background. Matt says they lacked any real input into or control over that system. 

With the old dialer, numbers might get changed out, but their reputations were still poor, leading to yet more Scam Likely labels.

Working in a sensitive area like final expenses, customers need to feel supported from that very first call—something that becomes impossible without clean caller IDs.

Using Convoso’s ClearCallerID™ platform, the Dynamic Insurance team has greater control and transparency. Checking the platform daily, they can see when a number has been flagged, quickly replace it, and begin dialing with clean numbers again. 

“It’s really important that when we’re attempting to contact them that they’re not seeing things like ‘Scam Likely’ or ‘Spam Risk.’ We have spent a lot of time, money, energy, and effort to do business the right way…

Now, when we get people on the phone, their first words aren’t ‘Stop calling me.’ And that’s really important.”

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In-Depth Reporting & Communication Options Offer Powerful Insights

When you’re spending more on leads than you do on monthly rent and payroll, you need to understand which lists are moving the needle and which aren’t. 

With Convoso’s robust reporting tools, Dynamic Insurance can now carefully track important list and lead KPIs in real time. Crucially, they’re able to evaluate performance at the level of lists and lead sources to break down daily results for individual campaigns.

Beyond the performance of their leads, managers can also monitor agents while they’re on calls, using a host of communication tools to provide live coaching, immediate feedback, and power even more improvements.

“The live agent monitoring, being able to whisper, being able to download a call, do a call review, all within minutes of the agent being off of a call is invaluable. That’s one of our favorite things.”

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Room to Grow

The powerful Convoso dialer and its full suite of features have put Dynamic Insurance Services on a fast track for future growth. When we spoke to Matt, the team included 25 agents, but he said they were already looking to onboard at least 10 agents per month over the next quarter.

Plus, he thinks they haven’t hit their full stride just yet. They plan to further optimize their strategies and incorporate additional call center software features like outbound SMS and Convoso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent, Matt expects that the company will see accelerated growth in the year ahead.

“We’ve seen a 30% increase in revenue. And we expect that to go up…We’re getting better and better at fully understanding the functionality and getting our agents more comfortable with it.”

Advice for Companies Shopping for the Right Dialer

We asked Matt how he would advise someone who was considering a switch to Convoso, but perhaps like him, was concerned about the challenges of changing dialer platforms. 

He pointed out that if someone is out there shopping for another dialer, then they know they already have pain points.

“The sooner you can get away from those pain points, and into a better solution, the better off you’re going to be.”

As to the hesitations around switching, he said he’d suggest to that shopper that the transition to Convoso is not going to be as bad as you think it’s going to be. 

“It’s actually smoother than you think it’s going to be. And the reward on the other side is so worth it.

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