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[Dvinci has rebranded as Colossus. All references in this story to Dvinci are to the same company. Our interviewee, Heather Griffin, is now Co-CEO and President at Colossus]

Leveraging Convoso Dialer to Drive Growth

To seize opportunity in a thriving and highly competitive solar market, clean energy SaaS startup Dvinci leveraged Convoso to boost customer contacts, improve agent retention, and scale its business at speed.

More sales, less marketing. It’s a win-win for everyone.”  – Heather Griffin, Co-CEO and President at Colossus (previously CRO, Dvinci)

Our Customer

Dvinci is a software and service provider focused on accelerating the clean energy movement by supporting solar businesses with modern CRM software and more.

The Problem

  • Needed a powerful predictive dialer that could handle outbound calling on national scale
  • Lacked fundamental agent management processes like breaktime and time-off requests
  • Call flagging and blocking issues negatively impacting contact rates across industry
  • Complex compliance environment requires a responsive dialer partner and the right tools

Our Solution

  • Cloud-based predictive dialer software with easy agent management built into the system
  • ClearCallerID reputation management solution offers transparency and boosts contacts
  • Robust reporting capabilities give much-needed answers in the form of actionable data
  • Dynamic scripting equips agents with the right pitch for different states and compliance
  • Always-on customer success team delivers hands-on support and customized solutions


  • A powerful predictive dialer helps growing solar startup scale efficiently
  • Increased contacts and sales 300% while lowering data costs for maximum profitability
  • 3-4X growth in employees over 12 months with increased agent retention
  • Caller ID reputation management tools help avoid call blocking and flagging

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The Backstory

A Promising Solution for Solar Businesses

Backed by VC funding and powered by bright ideas, Dvinci is a mature energy startup coming into its own at exactly the right moment. With only 4% of eligible homeowners possessing solar power, there’s ample room to grow as investments and interest in renewables grow. We’re at the beginning of what Dvinci is calling the “sun rush.” And, according to Chief Revenue Officer Heather Griffin, there’s never been a better time to be in clean tech.

Of course, that doesn’t mean anything comes easy: Solar is a highly competitive market and companies—especially new ones—need to be as efficient as possible to win pieces of the valuable market share that’s up for grabs.

Solar Is Often Three Businesses in One

Dvinci Chief Revenue Officer Heather Griffin says many people don’t have a full picture of everything that’s involved in running a solar business. She says solar is really three businesses in one:

  • A construction company tasked with assembling new solar setups
  • A financing company since most buyers are financing the cost of solar
  • A lead generation, sales, and marketing company that needs customers to fuel growth

Dvinci aims to provide software that supports solar businesses in all three of these areas. However, to provide solar companies with the leads and sales they need to grow, Dvinci first needed to build its own full-scale contact center operation.

The Solution

A History of Proven Results with Convoso

Although Griffin was new to Dvinci, she brought substantial experience in call center operations, with a particular focus on the solar industry. Having worked the phones in the early days of her career, Griffin quickly progressed through the ranks. Eventually, she came to own and operate her own call center and began working as a consultant for a range of call center businesses.

Working as a consultant, she got to know the full capabilities of Convoso’s cloud-based dialer software to drive ROI for sales and lead generation. The first time she moved a business from a competing dialer to Convoso, she saw contact rates and sales increase by 300%. After that, she never looked back, and has continued to recommend Convoso for all her clients and businesses.

When Griffin joined the Dvinci team as the Chief Revenue Officer, she was confident that Convoso was the best dialer to scale call center operations. Not only could the software leader support their growth with efficient sales, but a number of needed tools and processes to manage a team of productive agents—like breaktime requests and write-up forms—were built right into the Convoso system.

Without Convoso we would not be able to rapidly scale our business.”



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More Contacts, Lower Lead Costs

For outbound dialing businesses in every industry, issues with blocked calls and calls flagged as spam are making it harder than ever to get leads on the phone. With Convoso’s caller ID reputation management solutions, Dvinci is able to make the most of its costly leads and make more sales.

ClearCallerID™ gives decision-makers the transparency they need to fight back against call flagging. By identifying numbers that have been blocked or flagged, managers can swap out numbers for new or rested IDs—before critical KPIs and the bottom line are affected. Griffin says this drives maximum lead efficiency: “More sales, less marketing—it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Winning with the Right Scripts

Dvinci contacts solar leads all over the United States. When different leads in different states have diverse opinions on solar energy, there’s no single script that’s going to drive sales. According to Griffin, what works in New Hampshire probably won’t work in Texas. That’s why she knew Dvinci needed Convoso’s dynamic scripting software to ensure sales success.



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“Dynamic scripting identifies where a consumer is and can pop a different script,” Griffin says. Not only that, but the script will automatically pull in lead source information so that agents can deliver a personalized pitch, keeping leads on the phone for longer and moving more of them to convert.

One of the benefits of dynamic scripting and data filtering is to build agent confidence as they maintain a rhythm of conversations and conversions. This helps to boost retention at a job where turnover is often high.

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Reporting that Gets Granular and Gives Answers

Griffin says Convoso’s robust reporting gives answers that other software systems can’t. In fact, she says this is her very favorite feature: “Most systems have very canned reports and you can’t get information you need. [With Convoso], you can ask it a question and get an answer in data.”

With real-time insights as well as historical trend reporting, Dvinci has the flexibility to make on-the-spot changes that impact daily performance and keep the bigger picture in view.




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Unmatched Customization and Customer Support

When Griffin and her team have been unable to get the answers they need right away, they’ve been able to lean on the support of their dedicated customer success team.

Always around to offer a helping hand, Griffin says the Convoso Customer Success team helps them get maximum value out of a highly customizable software solution. “They do a great job as I’m walking through the questions we’re trying to ask and guiding us to the right answers.”

Constantly Evolving for Compliance Support and More

The ecosystem of call centers serving sales and lead generation is constantly changing, a fact that Griffin knows well as a veteran of the industry. One area where businesses can’t afford to be off pace is compliance. Regulations change fast—and tools need to be updated just as quickly to support continued compliance.

Convoso’s leadership and innovations to support compliance are one of the strengths that makes Convoso stand out to her. The company, and the software development, have gone to great lengths to keep up with changes in compliance issues, and to educate not only customers but other businesses in the space to help them make the most of their outbound dialing. “One of the tells of a good technology company is their willingness to constantly evolve,” says Griffin. “And Convoso has evolved drastically since we first started working together.”

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