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BPOs like TruAlliant streamline operations and support clients by handling lead generation, as well as customer care and technical assistance. However, the path to success is often fraught with challenges as BPOs navigate the complexities of managing high-quality leads, integrating sophisticated software systems, and scaling operations to meet their clients’ ever-growing demands.

Michael Francik, the Co-Founder of TruAlliant, is no stranger to these challenges. As a leader in the industry, he has witnessed firsthand the software obstacles that can hinder a BPO’s ability to deliver optimal results for its clients.

We spoke with Francik about how TruAlliant leverages Convoso to transform its services and exceed client expectations.

Their Challenges

  • Only list-level controls 
  • Integration difficulties
  • Inefficient manual reporting 
  • Difficulty scaling campaigns
  • Poor handling of expensive leads

Our Solution 

  • Lead-level control for more campaign success
  • Advanced automations 
  • Maximum campaign scalability
  • Accurate, configurable voicemail detection 
  • Customized reporting
  • User-friendly interface

The Results 

  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved agent/admin efficiency
  • Reduced agent burnout 
  • Easier campaign scaling
  • Improved decision-making 
  • Lower CPA from better management of expensive leads

Unlocking Lead Potential with Convoso’s Flexible Controls

Under Francik’s experienced leadership, TruAlliant quickly grew from a small operation to a workforce of nearly 2,000. As the company expanded its lead generation services, the limitations of dialing solutions like Five9 and VICIdial became readily apparent.

These solutions offered only list-level control, preventing tailored approaches based on crucial factors like lead quality, contact attempts, or demographics. Francik sought a better dialer solution that would enable control at the lead level and found Convoso, which provides a set of powerful tools to manage campaigns at a more granular level, producing more successful results. 

Although clients ultimately choose the software they want Francik’s team to use, TruAlliant has significant influence when recommending software solutions to clients. “We have some control just because of our experience,” Francik explains. “We know how to scale campaigns consistently and with measurable and predictable growth. We tend to suggest Convoso because we know Convoso very well.” 

“We have a lot more consistent success with Convoso vs. other dialers. Their lead level of control drives scalability and campaign success.”

– Michael Francik, Co-Founder, TruAlliant

Convoso allows TruAlliant to tailor dialing strategies to each lead’s characteristics, prioritizing high-value leads to maximize conversion chances.

To illustrate the potential impact of this lead-level control and more efficient technology, Francik provides an example:

“If you invest in the right technology, you’re going to be more efficient. Instead of dialing 500 times to make a sale, you’ll only need to dial 200 times. You’re making significantly less dials, using less minutes, and you’re safer on the compliance side. Furthermore, you can invest in better quality leads because your system’s hitting it properly.”

TruAlliant’s Transition to Seamless Integration and Automation

In addition to better lead management, Convoso also increases TruAlliant’s efficiency and productivity through easy integrations and automation. Unlike the complex integrations with platforms like Five9, Convoso offers seamless, straightforward integration.

Francik, who also is a co-founder at a media firm in the health insurance space, highlights the stark contrast.

“When I get a new onboard for my media company and they say they’re on Five9, I know the integration is going to be a nightmare. It’s going to take me two weeks of going back and forth with their support to create certain user types to be able to integrate it. That’s the pain point I generally face [with Five9]. But with Convoso, it’s just so simple.”

This effortless integration allows TruAlliant to onboard new clients swiftly, sidestepping the typical headaches and delays. Convoso’s cutting-edge automation capabilities also revolutionized day-to-day operations, drastically slashing the time and effort needed for routine tasks and reporting.

“When I have a client on a VICIdial, I need to do all of the reporting manually, where we’re looking at connection rates and percentages by area code and comparing that against other DIDs. It’s a lot of work. Convoso automates that for us. That’s super helpful and takes the legwork out of everything.”

Convoso’s automation and easy integrations dramatically reduce the time spent on manual reporting tasks and forcing integrations. What used to take hours now takes minutes, freeing up TruAlliant’s team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Scaling to New Heights With Convoso

Francik understands that true scalability comes from creating efficient, repeatable processes. He explains, “Any large company should run like a machine, where the processes and systems are defined that dictate what actions are taken. This allows for predictable, consistent, measurable results that you can mold.”

Convoso’s intuitive, customizable platform helps TruAlliant build efficient processes, creating scalable frameworks for client campaigns. Francik notes, “When somebody onboards with TruAlliant and our Convoso build out, the management’s pretty simple because we’ve built a good template and framework that works and requires minimal management. We design a system [within Convoso] that automates everything for you.”

This approach allows TruAlliant to manage high lead volumes, deploy campaigns rapidly, and onboard new agents quickly. As clients grow, TruAlliant can confidently handle larger campaigns and expand, knowing Convoso scales seamlessly.

TruAlliant’s BPO Success Story Powered by Convoso

For TruAlliant, recommending Convoso to its clients signaled the start of a transformative new chapter in its journey as a leading BPO provider. By surmounting the limitations of inefficient systems and complex integrations that had previously stymied its clients’ growth, TruAlliant paved the way for streamlined operations and markedly higher conversion rates.

Reflecting on the importance of investing in quality technology, Francik shared a crucial insight:

“How I always explain it to people is that you might think you’re cutting costs by using a cheaper technology, but if you’re not properly monetizing your marketing, you’re going to see the effect in your CPAs [Cost per Acquisition]. You’re going to think the marketing is doing badly, but in reality, you’re just trying to cut costs on technology, and that technology is not working properly.”

This underscores TruAlliant’s commitment to solutions that drive real value. For clients who adopt Conovo’s AI-powered sales platform, Francik’s team consistently delivers superior results.  

Elevate Your BPO’s Performance with Convoso

Join TruAlliant and many other successful BPO call centers that have transformed their lead management and operational efficiency with Convoso. Discover how our innovative solutions can help you achieve remarkable results. Take the first step towards success. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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