How To Effectively Operate A Work From Home (Virtual) Call Center |Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

What is the biggest source of frustration for loan officers and call center agents in the financial services industry? FInd out, as our panel of experts kicks off this webinar and introduces the day’s topics.

What is TCPA and How Can TrustedForm Support Compliance? – 11:14

How do call centers support compliance under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act? Find out here, plus discover how ActiveProspect’s TrustedForm can help.

How Is Property Data Used for Customer Acquisition? – 20:50

In the financial services industry, property data can tell you a lot about your prospects. See how this data can be leveraged to take your customer acquisition program to new heights.

Increasing Contact Rates and Conversion Rates with an Integrated Approach – 24:50

Once you have compliant leads, the customer data you need, how do you get them on the phone? Learn how you can optimize your outreach and sales approaches with personalization to improve contact and conversion rates.

Wrap-Up and Q&A – 44:25

Get the key takeaways from the day’s discussion and watch the experts take questions from the audience.

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