How to Succeed in Outbound Sales Calls

Outbound sales offers a burgeoning career to many entering the field. However, entering outbound sales and attempting to be successful, while maintaining confidence can be difficult. Acquiring and learning any new skill often comes with many challenges. Understanding the ins and outs of what it takes to thrive in outbound sales can not only help you overcome challenges, but will also give you a serious leg-up on the competition.


5 Important Tips & Techniques to be Successful in Outbound Sales

Whether you’re new to outbound sales or simply looking for ways to advance your existing job role to the next level of success, we’ll take you there. Team Convoso reached out to the nation’s leading outbound sales experts and gathered their most valuable techniques to help you:

1. Believe in Your Mission

When it comes to outbound sales, the people who are most successful are the ones who believe deeply in their mission. In other words, in sales, you need to be confident in your abilities and what you are selling.  Think of it this way: if you’re pitching a product to customers but you don’t personally understand why it’s valuable or needed, are they going to buy it? If you answered “no,” you’re right.

With this in mind, first sell your product to yourself. Understand what makes it unique, how it helps people, and what sets it apart from the competition. Only then can you communicate these benefits to your customers.

Intel your competition. See what they do right and what you can do better. Read reviews & study up, because odds are your competition will be top of mind for your customers as well. Knowing their weaknesses only can heighten your strengths.

Step into the shoes of the customer in order to comprehend their processes, environment, buying habits, and challenges/pain points. To do this, start by surveying your current customer base to learn more of the ins and outs of their buying cycle. As well, pick their brain on what they like & dislike about your product and operation as a whole.  

2. Understand Your Value Proposition

To strive in outbound sales, you need to understand your company. What is the true intrinsic value that your company brings to the consumer? How is the consumer’s life better upon their purchase? Importantly, how is this added value brought by your company done in a unique way. The better you understand this, the easier it will be to communicate them to would-be leads and differentiate yourself from other brands.

To help define your value proposition look at these four steps:

  1. Define the problem your company is solving.
  2. Quantify the problem.
  3. Ask if your solution is a breakthrough or compelling enough in the respective space.
  4. Measure how easy your product is to adopt by new customers. (Is there a learning curve to your solution?)

3. Get Professional

Outbound sales involves a lot of time behind a computer or on a phone. Because of this, many people decide that they can afford to let professionalism lapse, especially when it comes to their dress or manner. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for rapid decline. To be successful in this role, you have to take it seriously. This means looking the part, dressing smartly, and always looking for ways to improve your professionalism.

4. Understand the Process

Outbound sales is a process. The more you understand this, the more effective you’ll be in the sales experience. To be as efficient as possible in this role, it’s essential to understand the journey buyers go through — from awareness to purchase — and how you can adjust your attempts to cater to each phase.

5. Know Your Customers’ Needs

The most essential factor in becoming a good outbound sales professional is to understand the needs of your customers. Across the telecommunications sphere, this is critical. Develop a process for understanding consumer needs, and then put a process in place for addressing them, be it adopting call center software or initiating surveys to understand how well you’re meeting your clients’ requirements.

Better Outbound Sales Start Here

While attempting to excel at outbound sales can feel intimidating, these five steps can help you master your position and ensure you’re as effective as you can be. At the end of the day, outbound sales is about anticipating and meeting the needs of your consumers.

The more efficiently you can address and fulfill these requirements, the happier your customer base will stay, and the more upwardly mobile your career will be.

As you seek to improve your outbound sales efforts, don’t forget to take advantage of technology, such as predictive dialing software for your call center, to enhance your efforts. Ideal for streamlining, measuring, and enhancing the outbound sales experience, they are powerful weapons for the modern outbound sales professional.



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