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New manual click-to-call dialing technology supports call center compliance where autodialing is prohibited

Convoso, the leading innovator in omnichannel outbound contact center software, announced the newest addition to its successful dialer product line. The new manual dialing system, Click-to-Comply™, was developed with guidance from the company’s team of legal and compliance experts. Utilizing a click-to-call approach, the software helps support outbound contact centers to comply with TCPA regulations that concern the use of autodialers.

Restrictions on Autodialers (ATDS)

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has placed restrictions on the use of automatic telephone dialing systems (ATDS). Prior written consent is required to make contact using an ATDS.

In order to comply in the scenario where there is not prior consent, businesses must use a dialing system that requires manually initiated calls. This means that human intervention is required for each and every call or text message.

The TCPA determination is concerned with the system itself. “A call center may be using one solution that has both automated and manual dialing modes,” said Convoso Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Bobby Hakimi. “They may think they’re in compliance if they are only using the manual mode. However they are not in compliance with the TCPA if their system has the capability to auto dial.”

Regulatory compliance expert Michele Shuster, founding partner of Mac Murray & Shuster LLP said, “Call center operators should not assume that their current dialing approach is TCPA compliant just because they’re using a dialer with a manual dialing mode. It’s important to review a 3rd party opinion letter as to whether or not it qualifies as an ATDS, which your solution provider should make available.”

The Click-to-Comply™ dialer product is not capable of automatically dialing, as can be done with predictive dialing software. Agents must click to call every time, thus manually initiating each call as required by the TCPA. After the call is started, the agent remains on the line throughout the call life cycle (call initiated, call connected/not connected, call ended).

Maximizing Efficiency while Supporting Compliance

In addition to supporting compliance, the Click-to-Comply™ solution incorporates Convoso’s proprietary technology for improving contact center efficiency and ROI. It offers omnichannel capabilities, strategic lead management, and insightful real-time analytics. These and other Convoso features help to drive profitability for the call center operator.

Related topics around improving contact center performance and supporting TCPA compliance can be found on the Convoso blog.

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