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What we do from a compliance standpoint can oftentimes be looked at as a roadblock. But it’s really the opposite of what it is.”

Tammy Glover Fowler, Convoso Compliance Officer
Tammy Glover Fowler
Compliance Officer
at Convoso

In the latest edition of Convoso’s Team Perspectives series, Convoso CEO Nima Hakimi and Sr. Customer Success Manager Thaddius Raymond engaged Convoso’s Compliance Officer Tammy Glover Fowler in a conversation about her role in onboarding clients, providing ongoing support, and on the company’s overall approach to important compliance matters.

Glover Fowler brings over 15 years of experience to her position—one that’s unique to Convoso among performance marketing solutions and reflects our commitment to support compliance and performance. 


Getting to Know Our Customers and Navigating Compliance

From STIR/SHAKEN and the TCPA to privacy regulations and state laws, there’s more than enough for call centers to worry about these days.

STIR/SHAKEN in particular requires that providers like Convoso do due diligence and comply with the regulation’s Know Your Customer (KYC) provisions. Tammy is at the heart of these efforts, working to vet customers and their calling activity to be sure that Convoso can assign the highest level of attestation to their calls. In addition, she’s helped configure an exhaustive robocall mitigation plan that’s required by the FCC under STIR/SHAKEN.

This work isn’t just about compliance, of course. It’s also a matter of performance: Securing this top attestation helps ensure that calls are connected and not blocked by carriers.

“We take compliance very, very seriously. If you don’t in this space, you’re exposed in many different ways. That’s something that sets us apart.”

Leading Our Proactive and Reactive Approaches to Compliance

Tammy describes the wide-ranging compliance support her team delivers as both proactive and reactive.

Proactive due diligence

As part of the KYC process, Tammy says they work proactively, undertaking due diligence to understand clients’ existing knowledge and positions:

“We want to know: Do you understand telemarketing regulations even down to the state levels? Do you understand privacy rules? Do you have proper registration in the states you’re required to have it? Do you have any pending legal cases?”

Reactive analysis and support

The team also supports clients reactively by analyzing and improving existing policies shared by their teams. “We’re going to review every component of a policy, and if we find that there are some missing components, we’re going to inform our clients and either point them to the regulations or recommend that they add certain pieces that are missing.”

Audits that enable improvements

Both of these approaches come together in audits Tammy and her team perform on both the Convoso dialer’s performance and client operations. Digging into the finer details of how both are working, and working together, audits ultimately help unlock improvements in performance. 

“We’re able to improve our clients’ performance because we educate them. Our audits point them toward improvements they need to make while using our product.”

Compliance Is at the Heart of Our New Tools—and Our Culture

Tammy also described how a focus on compliance has driven the development of two offerings rolling out this year from Convoso: 

One tool is the upcoming StateTracker solution—the only campaign management tool built specifically to support compliance with the new laws governing outbound call centers at the state level [often referred to in the industry as mini-TCPA laws].

Another is Convoso’s AI-driven Intelligent Virtual Agent. Alongside the tool’s voice and text capabilities, Tammy’s team developed a robust voice and text compliance policy. The deeply researched policy will help IVA users navigate compliance requirements while using the new technology to boost productivity and growth. 

Compliance Culture at Convoso

It’s not just innovation and tools for compliance support that set Convoso apart. It’s the company’s complete culture of compliance. 

Tammy pointed to an in-depth course on call center compliance (which she helped write) that all employees are able and encouraged to review as a reflection of this: “Everyone at Convoso should have a fundamental understanding of compliance. We want to have a compliance culture.”

Of course, that culture at Convoso begins with the right leadership. With that in mind, Nima Hakimi discussed just how unique it is to have someone like Tammy at the helm:

“If we’re talking about dialers that are focused on performance marketing, I don’t think there’s a single dialer company out there that has a full-time compliance officer in place. It’s very unlikely. That already sets us apart. Let alone someone like Tammy, with all the years of the experience she brings to the table.”

Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder, Convoso

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