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Convoso’s AMD just got even better!

Our dialer now boasts unsurpassed AMD speed, flexibility, and accuracy!

Here’s what this means for Convoso customers:

call center agents

  • Up to 97% Accuracy
  • Increased contact rates to maximize agent selling time
  • Agents connected with calls in less than a second
  • Customizable tuning of AMD down to the millisecond
  • Detect fax machines & disconnected calls without a SIT tone & more
  • Flexible campaign management to prioritize false negatives or false positives
  • Improved agent morale with more conversations and more conversions

Convoso’s Advanced Answering Machine Detection

We’ve studied the first few seconds of millions of calls with machine learning to develop an astonishingly accurate and flexible proprietary system. The new advanced capabilities of our answering machine detection determine more quickly and even more accurately whether a call is a human or voicemail.

You want your agents using their skills to convert more leads in live conversations – not making voicemail dispositions.

Adjustable AMD to fine tune campaign strategy

Superior AMD accuracy is not the only advantage of Convoso’s Advanced Answering Machine Detection. Now call center managers can determine whether to minimize false positives or false negatives with our new dynamic functionality.

Successful outbound dialing campaigns require flexibility to customize strategies. Finding the sweet spot of dialing rates and AMD means getting the most from your predictive dialer and driving more conversions.

Prioritizing False Positives

If you’ve got expensive, higher quality leads, you can adjust your Convoso settings to allow a few more voicemails to get through so your agents don’t miss any opportunities to speak to a live lead. [False positives occur when AMD mistakes a human for an answering machine and inaccurately disconnects the call.]

Prioritizing False Negatives

Alternately, some lead lists are better served by higher contact rates where the AMD is set to detect as many voicemails as possible. You want to avoid as many voicemails as possible and prioritize connecting your agents with live conversations. When a dialer’s AMD has low accuracy rates it tends to more frequently mistake an answering machine for a real human and pass on the call, or voicemail, to an available agent [a false negative]. This wastes agent time and drives down ROI. What outbound call centers need is a highly accurate voicemail detection rate when the goal is to move rapidly through the list. For some kinds of data, managers will prioritize false negatives for a high volume of calls, even at the cost of a few leads mistaken as answering machines. In this way, agent talk time is maximized.

With this new flexibility and accuracy for campaigns, outbound call centers can make the most of the leads they have purchased.

To learn more, visit our answering machine detection page here.

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