Resources to Improve Your Insurance Lead Gen and Sales 

Insurance is a competitive industry, no matter the type. And nobody knows that quite like insurance lead generation and sales teams. From home and auto, to life, health, and Medicare, these teams need to run a tight ship to drive results and deliver growth.

We’ve compiled the articles, webinars, and stories you’ll find here to help your team find that success. Explore a wide range of expert insights, the latest technologies, case studies, and lead generation tips for insurance agents. 

Generating Leads in Insurance

Insurance lead generation is an essential aspect of the prospect to policyholder pipeline. And many things go into the process of generating, transferring, and converting high-value insurance leads.

Your insurance marketing technology stack is the backbone of the operation—and the latest solutions can deliver results. 

But to truly find success, you need tech and strategies that deliver end-to-end optimization, with improvements to manager efficiency, agent productivity, and sales effectiveness. Leverage these lead-generation resources and tips for insurance call centers that address every stage of the sales cycle.

Integrating a consent-based marketing strategy with the right dialer software can deliver powerful results for insurance lead generation teams. Watch this webinar or read the recap featuring ActiveProspect and  that’s packed with consent-based marketing strategies and insurance lead gen tips. Key takeaways include:

– Best practices in consent-based marketing to gain more customers
– Why your calls aren’t getting through and what you can do about it
– The right strategies to improve contact rate and caller ID reputation

Insurance Lead Generation that Improves Reach, Converts More, and Retains High Value Customers

To beat your competition and boost ROI, you need to optimize your insurance lead gen process from end to end. Use this in-depth guide to insurance lead generation on how to focus your efforts on the right leads, reach them more quickly and more often, and convert them into customers that deliver long-term value.

Insurance Sales and Lead Gen Companies Tell Their Stories

These companies have different stories, but they have one thing in common that all outbound call center operations struggle with: how to improve contact rates. The fact is you can have 1oo people who want an insurance policy–today… but if you can reach them, you can’t have a conversation, and you can’t then qualify their needs as a lead or sell them an insurance policy.

It’s all about contact rate.

And, increasing the number of leads contacted is the consistent thread through these insurance call center experiences.

Medicare Call Center Quadruples Contact Rate After Switching to Convoso

Get Health-e struggled to find the results their call center needed with dialers like Five9 and VICIdial. Read the story of their success after switching to Convoso. This Medicare call center customer story is full of insurance lead gen lessons, as well as stunning results—including a 400% increase in contact rate and serious gains in lead efficiency. 

Customer Story: Switch from VICIdial Dramatically Improves Results for Lead Gen Company

Frictionless lead transfers are critical to insurance sales success. See how NextGen Leads, whose business spans from the automotive to Medicare verticals, streamlined live transfers, made agents’ lives easier, and dramatically improved contact rates when they upgraded to Convoso. Learn how features like call center analytics can make all the difference for insurance lead gen teams. 

Remote Call Center Increases Contact Rate by 300% After Switching to Convoso

Delivering high quality leads in a volume that meets Digital Market Media’s client expectations requires a level of efficiency and tools that were lacking in DMM’s previous dialer.

Insurance Call Center Ups Their Game to Scale Over 1000%

If you’re not bringing cutting-edge workflow automation to your insurance lead gen operation, you’re missing out on huge opportunities for revenue and growth—and you risk lagging behind your competition. See how Top Healthcare Options uncovered game-changing new efficiencies, streamlined lead management, and delivered massive top-line growth with a switch to the Convoso insurance dialer.

Customer Story: Putting the Power of Productivity in Their Power Dialer

Call centers in every industry face issues of call blocking and flagging. But Convoso’s power dialer equips teams with the tools they need to manage caller IDs and make more contacts. Hear how this national insurance agency was able to triple their conversations, eliminate long wait times, and deliver better experiences for agents, managers, and customers.

The Best Dialer for Insurance Lead Gen Teams

There’s a common thread to all these resources: Insurance lead gen and sales teams need effective technology to maximize profitability and growth.

Powerful Insurance Predictive Dialer to Connect More Prospects with Sales & Lead Generation Teams

The right dialer software is a must-have for successful insurance lead gen and sales teams. See how Convoso’s powerful insurance dialer can deliver more connections and conversions. Explore a full suite of software tools like dynamic scripting and skills-based routing that save time and money, support compliance, and deliver dramatic increases in contact rates.

Convoso’s cloud-based insurance dialer software gives managers and agents the tools they need to unlock greater ROI and realize their potential. See the dramatic results for yourself when you schedule a demo today

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