How to Sell Property & Casualty Insurance

In an unpredictable world, safeguarding one’s assets and financial well-being is of utmost importance. As a result, the property and casualty insurance industry has emerged as an essential safety net for individuals and businesses alike. 

But whether you want to start selling P&C insurance or you’re an experienced agent trying to adapt to the latest shifts in the market, keeping up with a growing industry is no easy task.

Use this guide to P&C insurance sales to make your entire sales enterprise more effective—from lead generation to customer service. 


Start Selling P&C Insurance

Property and casualty insurance, also known as P&C insurance, offers coverage that protects policyholders’ personal property. The broad insurance category includes verticals like homeowners insurance, car insurance, renters insurance, pet insurance, flood insurance, and more. 

Although these insurance types are staples in the lives of many, the way they’re sold is rapidly changing. Long (or at least mostly!) gone are the days of door-to-door visits by agents various selling property and casualty insurance policies. Today, to know how to sell P&C insurance, agents and businesses need to enact the right marketing and sales strategies both online and off. Meanwhile, to contact and convert potential leads, they not only need to be able to close sales over the phone but implement omnichannel strategies to reach potential customers in their preferred channels.


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How to Sell Property and Casualty Insurance: Top Tips and Tactics

To compete in this evolving world of P&C insurance sales, agents and their teams need to adopt a comprehensive approach. Implement these five best practices that cover the full range of the P&C insurance sales cycle to boost your sales in today’s increasingly complex environment. 

Get to Know SEO

No matter what stage your P&C insurance business is in, generating leads and expanding your list of prospects is crucial to sustaining growth. To build awareness of your services and establish your expertise in the field, there may be no more cost-effective method than utilizing search engine optimization.

It may not always be easy to take time away from other essential aspects of selling P&C like prospecting, outreach, and customer service, but committing to creating high-quality, search-optimized content can pay off for your business in a big way. 

Support your content creation process with thorough keyword research. By understanding what your audience is searching for, you can understand opportunities to offer your expertise and advice. In addition to targeting frequently used keywords, following these basic SEO practices can help you reach qualified members of the P&C-ready audience:

  • Include title tags and meta descriptions that target important keywords and entice searchers to click on your page instead of other results.
  • Use optimized images that use descriptive tags and are compressed to improve page loading speeds.
  • Incorporate internal links between top-performing, important pages and deeper pages you want to be discovered by search engines and users.

Optimize for Conversions and Quotes

Beyond the specialized content you create, your overall website needs to be well set up to drive conversions, including newsletter signups and all-important opt-ins for free quotes.

It all starts with clear and concise messaging. Your website should communicate your unique value proposition and the benefits of requesting a free insurance quote in a straightforward manner, using engaging headlines and subheadings.

Meanwhile, don’t underestimate the power of user-friendly navigation. A simple, intuitive navigation structure makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for and increases the likelihood of them requesting a quote. Complement this with strategically placed, prominent call-to-action (CTA) buttons that encourage users to take the next step. These CTAs should stand out with contrasting colors and persuasive language.

Consider developing dedicated landing pages for specific insurance products or services. By tailoring the content and design to the unique value proposition and benefits of each offering, you’ll create a more targeted experience for visitors. Tech-savvy site operators (or those you’re able to hire) can implement A/B testing to experiment with various headlines, images, and CTAs, optimizing these landing pages for maximum conversion rates.



Expand Your Network, Online and Off

While carefully crafted websites and content will help provide a solid foundation for insurance lead generation, there’s still no overlooking the power of relationships in this business. It may sound simplistic, but making the right connections—both online and in your local area—can have a massive impact on your book of business.

When it comes to the digital sphere, engaging with customers and building relationships with other businesses in your area over social media is a must. However, the continued value offered by real-world, word-of-mouth marketing in the insurance game must be acknowledged as well.

Although few relationships could be said to offer no potential value, it’s helpful to strategically target businesses in your area based on their respective abilities to drive prospects to your business. For instance, if you’re selling homeowners insurance, connecting with local mortgage brokers and agents, could prove hugely advantageous. Looking to generate auto insurance leads? Why not get to know nearby dealers and repair shops? 

Build Scripts to Help You Make More Sales

Even with a steady supply of new leads, selling P&C insurance relies heavily on having the right approach and sales pitch. Here, building the right sales scripts ahead of time can help immensely. To create sales scripts that convert more of your leads:

  • Come up with a compelling introduction that hooks your customer and effectively communicates the value of the policies you offer.  
  • Consider common objections that prospects voice during your sales conversations. Include your best rebuttals to these objections within your scripts and call notes.
  • Personalize your scripts as much as possible to your customer’s particular case. Utilize data you’ve collected from the lead generation and opt-in process to help inform your sales approach.

The latest outbound dialing technology can greatly simplify the scripting process, making it easier than ever for agents to stay on message and support compliance. For instance, dynamic scripting software not only makes it easier to develop clear, realistic scripting pathways with a drag-and-drop interface, but responds in real time during sales calls according to a conversation’s progress.  



Earn (and Manage) Online Reviews

In more ways than one, the customers you already have are one of the biggest assets you have for selling P&C insurance.

As ever in insurance, managing policy renewals, updates, and cross-sell opportunities is a critical part of maintaining and expanding your book of business. But done right, delivering high-quality customer service actually has the potential to lead to new customers, not just more valuable existing policyholders.

Consider the importance of online reviews. Not only are online reviews read by more consumers than ever, but:

By providing existing customers with quality service and encouraging (or even incentivizing) their online reviews, your P&C insurance business can increase its supply of prospects—and its prospects for better performance. 

And by following all of these best practices for how to sell property and casualty insurance, you can improve your sales operation from end to end.


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