Workflow Automation Software

Take the guesswork out of lead conversion.

How soon after sales engagement do you follow up with prospects? Workflow Automation from Convoso lets you answer that question down to the second. With Convoso’s Workflow Automation, you can customize your approach to leads using behavior-based rules, perfectly timed text messages, emails, calls, or other methods of communicating with your prospects.

Let the sales funnel do the work.

Whether you have a hundred — or a million — leads, you can consistently follow up according to a predefined schedule that automatically goes into motion when leads drop or certain criteria are met. Eliminate missed opportunities that result from inefficient processes and lost time. Replace manual, time-consuming tasks with a sophisticated process that helps move prospects through the sales funnel.

Engineer perfect sales engagement.

Once you set the rules, Convoso’s Workflow Automation follows them, every time. Customize the system to meet your needs, whether that’s sending an email 2 minutes after an agent is unable to connect by phone or automatically generating a call when a prospect opens an email.

Customize Next Steps and Optimize Communication Channels

Create Predefined Schedules that Determine Workflows

Define Unlimited Events that Trigger Action

Combine with Other Convoso Products to Streamline Sales Processes

Smart Events put your plan in motion.

No two paths to purchase are the same, so Convoso’s Workflow Automation gives you the flexibility to respond to leads in different ways based on predefined Smart Events. Smart Events can include anything from lead status to call counts. Trigger an action off of any disposition, call count, lead status, or lead engagement. You can also use any pre-existing lead field in your database, such as location, company size, or current vendor. If you have the data, Workflow Automation lets you capitalize on it.

Lead Status • Call Counts
Lead Engagement • Location
Company Size • Current Vendor

Take action with Smart Triggers.

Once you define events vital to lead conversion, you can streamline and revolutionize your sales process with any combination of Smart Triggers. In response to Smart Events, Workflow Automation automatically takes action with Smart Triggers such as call backs, email, SMS, voice broadcast, or ringless voicemail. Smart Triggers can also include internal processes like status changes, an integration push, or updating fields.

Call Backs • Email • Integration Push
SMS • Voice Broadcast • RVM
Status Changes • Updating Fields

Start streamlining your operations today.

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