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SaaS innovator launches branding and messaging to showcase the advanced intelligence that drives the fastest contact center software available for its multi-industry customers. 


Convoso DX5 dialer engine visual branding


Los Angeles, CA  — Convoso, leading provider of outbound contact center solutions, announces its newly branded power source, the proprietary DX5 dialer engine. The branding and messaging campaign will clarify how the software helps companies reach more customers and leads, faster than any other software. 

How DX5 Came into Being

The executive team was tackling the question, “How do we talk to prospects and customers about what makes our solution the fastest and most powerful available to sales and lead generation teams?” 

“The answer,” according to Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Leight, “was something akin to ‘The Intel Inside,’ probably one of the most effective marketing and branding campaigns identifying a computer processor. Our answer was to describe Convoso’s power as a dialer engine, and to give it a name.” 

Marketing whittled down name choices, but the winning suggestion came from Convoso’s Chief Product Officer Bobby Hakimi. 

How Convoso’s Dialer Engine Got Its Name

Bobby and his brother Nima Hakimi (CEO) co-founded the company in 2006. They were committed to continuous innovations of the software to best serve the needs of their contact center customers. After several years in business, they encountered persistent performance issues and made a hard but prudent decision: to rebuild the entire platform from scratch based on in-depth interviews with customers about their needs.  The new platform delivered major improvements in productivity, speed, and efficiency, and set the foundation for innovating customized solutions. 

So, why DX5?

Convoso’s current dialer platform is in its fifth version: therefore “d” for dialer times 5. And that’s how Bobby came up with the name. 

“We know our product can beat any competitor for reaching more leads and reaching them incredibly fast,” said Bobby Hakimi. “It’s critical for our customers to not only have the fastest technology to contact leads as soon as they show interest, but to also reach out in compliance with the many evolving regulations governing our industry. So by identifying the engine of that product as DX5, we have a focal point for explaining the value more clearly.”

Creating a Visual Identity for DX5

Once trademark research was completed and the name confirmed, the project moved to the design team to come up with a logo and visual identity that connects with Convoso’s customer base. 

“The challenge in creating a visual interpretation for the DX5 dialer engine was to make a bold statement conveying speed and power while staying within the world of our current brand,” said Neal Egan, Design Manager at Convoso.  “We’re really happy with the results we achieved infusing the DX5 logo and treatments with vivid colors and dynamic movement. The design goal is to set the messaging within a striking visual context, for maximum impact in attracting prospects to our brand.”

Developing a Marketing Campaign for Dx5

As the naming and design moved forward, the marketing team took action to bring the identity of this engine to market: 

  • Identifying the key capabilities of this dialer engine
  • Creating messaging
  • Establishing website presence
  • Incorporating into existing content
  • Crafting sales materials
  • Supporting social and ad promotions

To learn more about Convoso’s proprietary dialer engine, visit our DX5 webpage

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