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Contact center software innovator, Convoso, announces a new tool that helps monitor and manage caller ID reputations to increase the ability of companies to reach prospects and customers.

Convoso ClearCallerID for outbound call center productivity

Convoso, developer of outbound contact center software solutions, has launched ClearCallerID™️, a tool that boosts the effectiveness and power of their Caller ID Reputation Management by tracking blocked and flagged phone numbers. The new capability monitors the health of the caller IDs used by outbound call centers to dial prospects and customers by identifying when their caller IDs are blocked or labeled as a spam risk by the major telecommunications carriers. Convoso ClearCallerID™️ also applies advanced predictive analytics to forecast the impact that blocked and flagged calls have on a company’s existing KPIs.

“Legitimate business phone numbers are getting caught in the web of call flagging and blocking that’s intended to target scammers and nefarious actors,” said Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Bobby Hakimi. ”This new feature, Convoso ClearCallerID, addresses the issue for our customers by delivering a significant enhancement to our existing caller ID reputation management capabilities.”

What ClearCallerID™ Does and Why It Matters

Businesses with outbound call center operations depend on reaching the people they dial. But the explosion of blocked calls and calls labeled as spam has created one of the biggest challenges ever for the outbound call center industry.

Convoso ClearCallerID™ quickly identifies flagged and blocked phone numbers and tracks their impact via the tool’s monitoring dashboard. This information allows outbound call centers to take actions that ensure critical KPIs aren’t affected, such as contact rates.

These identified phone numbers can be exchanged for new or rested caller IDs so businesses can put their best foot forward when dialing prospects and customers. ClearCallerID™ provides a supplemental tool to strategically manage caller IDs by allowing Convoso customers to:

  • Monitor phone numbers automatically across the major telco carriers on a regular basis to see if they are flagged or blocked.
  • Detect 7+ flagged call categories from major carriers (including “Telemarketer,” “Scam Likely,” “Fraud Risk,” and more).
  • Identify DIDs that have been flagged by the FTC or blocked by the carriers, arising from customer complaints.
  • Understand the impact of flagged/blocked phone numbers on critical KPIs with advanced predictive analytics.
  • Swap out flagged and blocked numbers with new or rested DIDs.

The Rise in Flagged and Blocked Calls in the US

Since 2019, outbound contact centers have seen a major spike in their phone numbers being flagged or blocked. The wave of illegal robocalling activity in the United States has forced both regulators and carriers to take action to prevent illegal spoofing and robo dialing. Due to safe harbor laws that allow telecommunications providers to broadly flag and block phone numbers, even if they are associated with legitimate businesses, many outbound contact centers find that their numbers are regularly flagged and blocked.

Telecom Algorithms, Designed to Catch Criminals, Create a Major Obstacle for Legitimate Outbound Calls

In the attempt to reduce and block scam and unwanted calls, telcos have implemented algorithms to protect consumers. However, what’s happened is that many important and legal calls are getting flagged as potential spam risk.

“Legit companies all around the states are impacted by this caller ID flagging mechanism,” said Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Bobby Hakimi. “Even consumers are affected.

“There was an outstanding balance on my car lease, and the bank repeatedly tried to reach me with no luck. The caller ID showed my bank’s call as potential spam, and trusting this system, I obviously did not pick up. The result? A late payment was filed against my credit. For someone who prides themselves on their perfect credit score, this was a huge shock.

“Now imagine this on a global scale: businesses trying to reach out to their large customer base with no luck because the volume of calls they place is not acceptable to these telcos’ algorithms and in return get flagged.

“With Convoso’s solution, ClearCallerID™️, our customers can be one step ahead and monitor their numbers so they can quickly adjust calling and number usage to mitigate the impact of the flagging.”

Tools and Strategies to Manage Caller ID Reputation

Managing phone number reputation means taking action on multiple fronts, using effective tools and strategies.


ClearCallerID™️ is a tool that tracks caller ID performance so that action can be taken before flagging and blocking results in significantly reduced efficiency and profitability.

Another tool is Google Verified Calls which allows companies to supplement their caller ID with a business name, logo, and reason for calling. This identification improves trust and therefore the chances that the leads they are dialing will pick up the phone.


Unfortunately, when phone numbers are flagged or blocked, outbound call centers don’t always know the reason they can’t get through to their prospects or customers. So they tend to dial even more leads to try to reach their goals. Their contact rates drop and lead data costs go up. Since data is one of the three biggest costs of running a call center, that means their cost per lead acquisition begins to skyrocket. There goes profitability.

That’s why contact centers also need smarter dialing strategies to prevent calls from being flagged or blocked in the first place. For example, full service dialers (call center software) offer functionality to determine how many phone numbers are needed for each area code to reduce the likelihood of those numbers being blocked.

Read more about strategies to combat call blocking and flagging in our series on 2021 call center trends. Related topics around improving contact center compliance and performance can be found on the Company’s blog.


Convoso is the industry leader of omnichannel contact center software for sales and lead generation teams. The solution couples the power of an advanced cloud-based dialer with the support of a dedicated product expert to drive customer success. Convoso is continuously innovating to help outbound call centers maximize profitability while supporting TCPA compliance.

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