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Convoso is featured by Built in LA as one of 11 tech companies looking for top talent to join their team.

By incorporating AI technology, Convoso is changing the conversation between call centers and their customer base. Head of Talent Jenn Nguyen shared how a company full of risk-takers pays off when it comes to creating innovative ideas.

What’s one trait all the members of your team share?

Some tech companies focus on getting it right perfectly the first time. But at Convoso, we know that getting it right perfectly the first time means nothing if we don’t make a difference. Our team of dreamy risk takers are in touch with a greater purpose. We want to revolutionize the way agents connect with leads. We know changing the status quo isn’t easy; it never is. But as we grow through the process, we pin our strength on curiosity, resilience and creativity.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your company?

Convoso is all about team work. That’s why every Tuesday and Thursday you’ll hear somebody giving a special “shout-out” to someone who’s made a difference in their day. These fun moments — when ‘inside voices’ simply don’t make the cut — help to keep our scrappy little team inspired and connected.


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