The Next Generation Call Center |Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

Moderator of the day’s discussion, Rob Seaver, Executive Director of LeadsCouncil, introduces the panel of call center experts, including Heather Griffin, Michael Velardi, and Nima Hakimi. Audience members answered a quick poll before Seaver outlined the topics for the webinar.

The Impact of COVID on Agent Efficiency – 6:35

Panelists discuss how COVID has affected the ways they and their teams work, as well as the myriad ways dialing platforms can help call center managers improve the efficiency and productivity of their remote agents.

How to Maximize Lead Efficiency – 20:55

Call centers today need technology that helps them make the most of their leads. During this section of the webinar, our panel of experts explores tools, strategies, and dialing solutions that can help deliver maximum lead efficiency.

How Outbound Call Blocking and Flagging Is Affecting Call Centers – 31:15

For a number of reasons, call blocking and flagging are on the rise. The panelists discuss the reasons behind this increase in blocking and flagging and cover solutions for call centers to improve their contact rates.

AI, Quality Assurance, and Compliance – 45:18

Advances in AI are bringing new benefits to the next generation call center. Panelists discuss changes in AI technology and tools and how they can support compliance as well as performance.

How Call Centers Can Deal with STIR/SHAKEN – 49:48

Nima Hakimi and Heather Griffin explore the impact of STIR/SHAKEN regulations and steps that call centers can take to increase their contact rates and avoid negatives effects.

Wrap Up – 55:12

Our panelists offer their thoughts on the biggest takeaways from this webinar on the next-generation call center.

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