– A letter from CEO of Convoso (formerly SafeSoft Solutions), Nima Hakim


Addressing the Rebrand: Why did our company rebrand?

After a wonderful decade as SafeSoft Solutions– we recognized a change was needed in our product and our brand. To better suit the evolving industry needs, we as a company felt the necessity to evolve ourselves in a way that would empower our customers.

For me, I envisioned this change as a way to introduce an innovative new product–but most importantly to provide a solution that would help companies maintain happier employees, consumers, and lifelong brand evangelists. Feedback from our customers allowed our team to build and develop our product even further to create the 1st Gamified Contact Center Software.

I believe that emphasizing the well-being of your customers and the integrity of your company’s core values should be the motivator behind any company’s decision to rebrand. I too often see companies rebranding solely due to profit-driven objectives. Either a business has released an entirely new product or they’re eager to penetrate a new market…all reasons that don’t justify an entire rebrand of a company. A major focus of our company’s rebrand was to continue and further improve our shared values with our customers.

The goal of our new product was to solve the modern day pain points that stifle the productivity and success of contact center operations. We wanted a platform that encompassed functionality and features that would help create better management and agent experiences. In turn, facilitate in providing quality customer experience.

The Transition: From SafeSoft Solutions to Convoso

It is important to remember that a rebrand is never perfect. There are so many pieces in motion, especially at a small to medium sized company, that it is unrealistic to expect that every aspect involved in the process could be completed quickly and flawlessly. Because so much change is involved when rebranding a company that’s been around for 10 years, you have to make peace (while also being proactive), with the fact that rebranding an entire company is impossible to accomplish overnight.

Rebranding Process: How our company rebranded

To implement the rebrand we first had to make sure the entire team was on board with our vision. Everyone, including our customers, expressed excitement about the rebrand as it validated our company’s confidence in evolving to the next phase as a brand. Internally, the name change was something people would sing about…literally!

The new brand included designing a new logo. A simple, yet effective logo, that creates synergy with our rebrand. We also created a new website built to optimize engagement and excitement amongst our customers. Overall, we made sure that every facet of our rebrand incorporated our new brand values–ranging from updating our internal documents to enhancing our level of community engagement and involvement. The restructure of our overall presence was aimed to better reflect our company.

Choosing a New Company Name: Why “Convoso”?

Deciding to rebrand SafeSoft Solutions came with a revamp of our brand’s mission and core values–but also meant changing our name as well. When deciding on a new name, we wanted to make sure we were tapping into the needs and challenges that our customers faced. We knew our new name had to reflect that of our company’s mission–solving the myriad of call center problems. Our leadership team made sure that the new brand name would incorporate the thoughts of our employees. To achieve this, we made it mandatory that the process of brainstorming our new name required the brainpower and participation of every single company staff member. As a team we put together common keywords in the contact center industry: communication, contact, customers, connecting, etc.  Staying unique while maintaining the integrity of the meaning of the new name was important during our selection process. Thus, with “conversation” being at the very core of what our business and customers provide …“Convoso” was born.

The spark behind our rebrand: Why gamification?

The heart of a successful contact center ultimately relies on agent engagement and the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. By adding gamification into Convoso’s platform, our system is able ensure a rise in agent engagement which in effect, enhances customer experience. Our “gamified” system implements “game-like” mechanics that allow managers to set custom KPIs and benchmarks for their team. Those KPIs and goals are then tracked and displayed (all in real-time) through leaderboards and other custom dashboards to provide transparency into the performance of each team and agent. Points, rewards, and badges, earned by meeting KPIs, completing missions, tests, challenges, or any custom campaign, are also used drive incentive and motivation. The added agent experience positively impacts the biggest and most prevalent contact center challenges such as: abundant agent turnover rates, and declining engagement levels (a common trend with teams that are predominantly “millennial”). The result: happier agents, happier managers, satisfied customers, and better businesses.

Overall, gamification is a great addition to any business. Studies across multiple industries have shown that the use of gamification results in a significant boost in a user’s overall motivation level. Implementing gamification among your employees allows for management to set new and achievable goals for your business. A happy and goal-orientated team is crucial to the development and success for not only the employees, but the business as a whole.

Post Rebrand: The Future and What’s next for Convoso?

Just like SafeSoft Solutions, Convoso vows to always offer superhero service to all our customers. The same superhero service that makes our company stand out from the crowd. We have a focused approach which allows Convoso to always stay ahead of the game as far as constantly giving our customers the best and most innovative solutions in the contact center industry.

In conclusion, I am extremely thankful for our gracious customers who’ve helped us dearly during this rebrand process. The feedback we received was truthful and extremely beneficial in delivering an innovative product that our employees will love working on and customers will love working with.


Nima Hakimi
CEO & Co-Founder | Convoso (formerly SafeSoft Solutions)