Lead-GenerationStop for a moment and think about the fundamental difference between companies that seem to grow effortlessly, and those that are always plateauing.

One of the major differences you’ll see is that companies that consistently experience growth have built highly effective lead generation capabilities. They’re able to keep their sales team busy with highly qualified leads, thus allowing their salespeople to sell.

Over the last 20 years, having worked with literally thousands of companies supporting their lead generation efforts, we’ve learned a few things about what works…and what doesn’t. While the Internet is filled with sales advice, and there’s certainly no shortage of blogs that purport to “share the secret,” we think our knowledge can stand out and separate from all of the noise out there.

We’ve had a blog on our site for a while. Quite frankly we had it because, well, we knew we were supposed to. But we never really had a purpose for the blog and as a result we treated like a lot of companies do. We’d post some updates from time to time, and we’d try to tell you what’s going on.

We’re excited, because today that’s changing. We now know why we have a blog and, more importantly, how to use the blog to help and improve your efforts. Our aim is to make this blog a center of applicable, time tested, real life ideas. We’ll share best practices, insights from successful lead generation programs and pitfalls that doom the vast majority of efforts. While we’ll certainly share a story or two, we’ll back our stories up with data.

We’ve got an interesting take on lead generation, especially outbound leadgen. While our core business focuses on providing the leading cloud-based contact center solutions, we’re also a fast growing company dealing with the same types of issues, obstacles and opportunities as other leading companies. You could say that we not only own the company, but we’re one of our most demanding customers as well.

Over the next several months, we’ll be sharing insights, tools and thoughts on:

  • Attracting the right talent.
  • Tactics to increase the number of qualified conversations your lead generators have.
  • Increasing lead velocity.
  • Developing great lists.
  • Tactics to effectively penetrate those lists.
  • Ideas to increase productivity and what we like to call “rep yield.”

Plus much more. We hope you’ll join us, share comments and ask questions. And, if there’s every anything we can do to help your lead generation efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Free Tool: The Outbound Lead Generation Scorecard