A blended dialer gives your organization the ability to do both inbound call management and outbound predictive dialing.  These powerful capabilities enable your small to medium-sized business to look and act like a professional enterprise, regardless of how big you actually are.

A blended dialer brings a certain amount of sophistication and automation to your business that you simply can’t get otherwise.  With a blended dialer you can dramatically enhance the performance of your sales, marketing and customer service functions all at once.  Here’s how:


  1. Automate and optimize your outbound sales calls – the system will automatically pre-dial all numbers you give it and connect agents only to live calls. This saves the agents/salespeople time by having them only focus on live opportunities instead of dialing for dollars and leaving hundreds of messages.
  2. Provide access to real-time calling data statistics to help with decision making, staffing and lead tracking.  Your staff will know what calling campaigns are working and where to make necessary adjustments to improve closure rate.


  1. Generate up-to-the-minute reports to tell you what type of customer is responding favorably to a new product introduction or to a new promotion.  You can then adjust your marketing campaign accordingly to more precisely target potential buyers.

Customer Service

  1. Automatically screen pop the caller’s contact information, purchase history and past calling activity onto the agent’s screen to give him/her instant intelligence on who is calling and what they might need.  Customers hate having to give their contact information over and over.  This capability eliminates that shortfall and saves time for the agent and the caller leading to more efficient and effective customer service.
  2. Enable your supervisors to live monitor (or record and listen to) customer calls to ensure the proper level of service is being provided. This is especially helpful when a new agent comes onboard and is just starting to take his/her first calls. You can either listen in live to see how the agent is doing (or go back and listen to the recording) to provide feedback on what to do better next time to drive up customer satisfaction.

Blended dialers with a full suite of capabilities, like SafeSoft’s Blended Dialer, are akin to full-fledged virtual contact centers that can be accessed through the cloud.  Your organization can be up and running the very same day with all of the features and functions of a premise-based contact center and you won’t be saddled with the large upfront capital expenditure associated with premise-based solutions.

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