Convoso’s Industry-Leading Solutions for Telemarketing Organizations

Convoso’s call center software facilitates faster, more effective phone-based cold-calling, nurturing and qualification, and direct sales. This, in turn, can increase lead flow, response rates, conversions, and results for a variety of programs including list compilation, lead generation, branding, market or competitive analysis, and more.

Accelerate Your Telemarketing

Built-In CRM

With Convoso’s built-in CRM capabilities, telesales and telemarketing reps can track the status of leads from cradle-to-grave. They can easily see the status of previous calls, review current customer information, and add data collected during the course of interactions. With a powerful front-end customer interface that most CRM systems lack, Convoso makes it easier than ever to gain greater insight into the needs, behaviors and wants of a target audience. So, marketing services companies can accelerate the movement of leads through the qualification cycle, expand pipelines, and close more sales.

Quality Call Monitoring

Convoso’s contact center platform comes with integrated call recording and monitoring capabilities that allow call center managers to evaluate agent performance, assess agent effectiveness, and take corrective action to maximize success. So, they can ensure that agents are always handling leads in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Easy Reporting

With our telemarketing software, sales managers can track vital patterns and trends in agent and campaign performance. Additionally, they can present those metrics to clients, to demonstrate the value of the services being provided, and convey the results of outbound calling activities performed on their behalf. Our predictive dialers enable real-time reporting of:

  • Lead status
  • Call results
  • Average call lengths
  • Calls made
  • Talk time
  • Agent log in/log out
  • And much more!

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Virtual Solution

Many marketing services organizations employ agents who work from branches, home offices, and other remote locations. Our Web-hosted predictive dialer is a “virtual” solution that can be conveniently accessed anytime, anywhere from any Internet-enabled PC.

Compliance Tools

Convoso’s contact center software has a powerful administrative function that is designed to give you control over FCC and FTC compliance for the telemarketing software. For example, you can avoid calling consumers during certain times of the day, more easily manage the number of “dropped calls”, and automatically avoid calling any customer who has requested not to be contacted by registering on the FTC do-not-call list.

Agent Training & Onboarding

Train and onboard your agents faster than before. Convoso’s end-to-end platform comes with a variety of tools made to help speed up your agent ramp up time, and keep your agents up-to-date and trained for top performance. Our agent training and onboarding tools include:

  • Live Call Coaching: Monitor, Whisper, & Barge Modes
  • Guided/Dynamic Call Scripts
  • Real-Time Agent Performance Dashboard
  • And more!

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