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Help your business deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Make Customer Service Enjoyable
for Both Customers and Agents

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Streamline and boost the performance of your service and support operations

  • Customer Loyalty


    of customers refer companies with positive service to others

  • Service Quality


    of customers prefer quality service over cheap deals

  • Productivity


    of customers value efficiency when trying to reach an agent

  • Accessibility


    of communications are call-based and 35% are multi-channel

Our solutions don’t just help meet client SLAs, CSAT, NPS, FCR scores – we exceed them.

  • Get rapid deployment, with little overhead

    With Convoso’s inbound call center services system, your service and support teams can be up and running right away and all they need is a device with an internet connection. Add new users and get them online immediately with our cloud contact center platform’s intuitive interface thereby maximizing your efficiency and your agents’ productivity. Moreover, our inbound call center software offers huge savings on upfront and maintenance costs compared to an on-premises solution by being a true cloud solution offering unlimited scalability and access to upgrades.

  • All-in-one platform with robust 3rd party integrations

    Empower your agents with all the tools and resources necessary to build interactive relationships and deliver exceptional support that customers love. With a single comprehensive interface for agents and advanced features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Skills Based Routing (SBR), etc., your agents will be ready for clients anytime, every time. Our inbound call center software system also enables you to seamlessly add functionality by integrating with other 3rd party systems and existing solutions that you may already use.

  • Collect and analyze the right metrics, often

    It’s important to constantly identify what is working and isn’t in your operation so that you can modify those areas and continue to enhance your overall success. Convoso’s powerful reporting framework has the tools that allow you to filter, customize and aggregate the exact KPIs and metrics you’re trying to monitor for your contact center. After you specify what reports you need, you can have them automatically generated and delivered straight to you as often as you want.

  • Get real-time performance monitoring and analytics

    Stay on top of where your operation stands by using Convoso’s inbound call center software reporting dashboard to monitor call volumes, agent performance, customer satisfaction and other KPIs in real-time. You can also drill down on a particular call or monitor a specific agent’s performance to effectively identify and overcome pain points in your call center’s performance, making sure your operation’s time and resources are being used in the most efficient way possible.

Accelerate your service & support team performance using Convoso’s all-in-one platform

  • Minimal to no hold times
  • Efficient speed to
  • Engaged, Motivated,
    and friendly staff
  • Multiple channels for support
  • Gamified LMS for rapid
  • Streamlined routing
  • Comprehensive
    self-service tools
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use

Solutions Overview

Our all-in-one inbound call center platform provides all the tools to make your service and support team’s operations easier and more productive. Stay knowledgeable. Establish customer loyalty.

Feature Summary

  • webRTC Softphone
    Convoso’s System’s browser-based (webRTC) softphone is a built-in piece of software that allows users to easily make and receive calls through an internet browser and internet connection.
  • Built-in “Lite” CRM
    Allow your service and support teams to have all the necessary information to provide the best customer experience. Convoso’s built-in ‘Lite’ CRM system allows support teams to smoothly dissect all relevant customer information. See previous customer call logs, customer feedback, contact information, and much more. All through Convoso’s platform without the need for any 3rd party CRM integration.
  • Hosted PBX System
    Any service & support call can be a complex operation that may require multiple transfers and maybe even hold times. Convoso’s hosted PBX system makes every service based call center more efficient by hosting every phone service you need for maximum customer service. Reduce hold times and end your need for third party systems.
  • Hosted IVR
    Our customizable IVR system and flow designer gives your call center the ability to create and customize recordings that list options for your inbound callers such as: “press 1 for sales, 2 for support, 3 for billing etc..” Our drag-and-drop IVR designer makes it easy to set up the proper inbound flows, so you can ensure that customers solve their issues or be routed to the appropriate agent as quickly as possible.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
    The system will automatically route incoming callers to the most available and appropriate customer service representative based on skills and knowledge.
  • Skills-Based Routing
    Route your customers to the most knowledgable agent. This feature helps improve first call resolution rates.
  • Scripting (Advanced, Traditional, Branch)
    Use the correct script method to ensure the best customer support. Use the proper script for informative and helpful conversations with your customers. Educate your agents by allowing them to use a script method that best suits them. Utilize dynamic scripting so agents can easily move along service talkings points.
  • Gamified LMS
    A gamified LMS is a learning management system that rewards agents based on their onboarding performance and learning strengths. Motivate agents and shorten your onboarding time by personalizing the onboarding process. Incentivize quality learning and company engagement by rewarding agents performance.
  • Gamifed KPI Performance Dashboard
    Gamified KPI Performance dashboard enhances the experience for service and support agents by showing them leaderboards, rankings, and reward progress. This feature is aimed to help motivate employees and increase their performance.
  • Real-time Agent performance monitor
    Real-time agent performance monitors provides up-to-the-minute monitoring, feedback, and reporting data instantly available to managers and supervisors so they are always aware of what is happening in the call center.
  • Historical Reporting
    Historical reporting allow for call center managers to see the progression of agents over time. Managers can cross reference how agents have performed based on multiple factors or simply look at call logs, availibility codes, etc.
  • CTI Screen-Pop
    When the system routes a caller to an agent, it automatically populates the agent’s screen with the person’s contact information, purchasing history, calling history, and so on. The instant display of information allows your operator to provide more personalized and helpful customer support.
  • Call Recordings & FTP Push
    Set triggers for automatic sending of recordings within a call center. Sent upon request or custom schedule.
  • Custom Dispositions
    Custom dispositions allow for customer service and support teams to add important customer feedback into their data. Enter reoccuring issues a customer has,
  • Post-call Surveys (Email or SMS)
    Setting that allows for automatic triggering of post call emails/sms texts to be sent to customer that survery the quality of the call. Surveying is useful to see the quality of support agents are providing customers.
  • Multi-Campaign Alternating for Agent
    Agents can alternate between different support & service initiatives within a company.
  • Call Back Reminders
    Agents can schedule call back reminders for calendaring future customer conversations. The agent will be notified that they have an upcoming call with a customer. The agent will also be presented all relevant information for that customer for a geniune and quality call back experience. Many use this feature to follow up or continue talks with customers. Build quality relationships by keeping the same agent on task with certain customers.
  • Agent Queues
    Agent queues facilitate the distribution of an inbound call or call in process by creating smart distribution options to ensure that a call is handed off to the correct party everytime.
  • Transfer Options
    Flexible call transfer for multiple handoff points. Whether it’s 3rd party, warm, cold, 3-way calling, etc. service & support teams can transfer their customers to a better suited agent to help their inquires.
  • Agent Call Logs
    Pull your contact’s historical information and get an itemized call breakdown inclusive of caller information, call time, and call recording.
  • Wrap-up Time Notifications
    When a customer service call has dragged on for far too long the agent will be notified. Cutting down queue times and allowing each agent to go from customer to customer in a more efficient manner. It is well known people want the quickest solution to their consumer problems–wrap up time notifications keeps agents alert for when it is time to end a call.
  • Customer Interaction History Timeline
    Agents can see all interactions the customer has had with the company. Agents stay informed and immediately know reoccuring issues with customers. Personalize the customer experience by making ever customer interaction with support a relevant one.
  • Auto Schedule Reports via Email
    Auto schedule custom reports to be sent to individual or multiple email addressed on fully customizable time frames.
  • Dead Call Notification
    A powerful manager tool within the real time agent monitor. Dead Call Notification helps maximize the agent availability time by ensuring each agent is moving on to the next call.
  • Live Coaching: Monitor, Whisper, Barge
    Evaluators can listen in on select calls to ensure agents are providing the best service possible.
  • Web-form Screenpop or Iframe
    When the system routes a caller to an agent, it automatically populates the agent’s screen with the person’s contact information, purchasing history, calling history, and so on.
  • Toll-Free DIDs/Custom Inbound Numbers
    Quickly and easily provision unique custom inbound numbers for each campaign so callers will be routed to the agent familiar with the specific promotion or service.

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