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Solutions to Enhance Your Telemarketing & Sales Pipeline





Convoso’s successful sales, marketing, and telemarketing teams will all say yes:


Is your operation maximizing productivity & efficiency?

Customize each outbound calling campaign to the most granular details to increase efficiency by streamlining customer and prospect outreach. Optimize your contact rate by increasing and customizing your outbound call volume and frequency. Our intelligent outbound dialer system automates campaign outreach to maximize productivity. Convoso’s Omni Contact Center software provides solutions to help personalize your customer and prospect interactions. Arm your reps with our all-in-one and easy-to-use platform of tools that will streamline their sales process.

Is your training & onboarding effective and enjoyable?

Our end-to-end contact center software comes equipped with with a built-in learning management system (LMS) with a “gamified” twist. Our innovative “gamified LMS” is a quick and easy solution that effectively resolves and accelerates the traditionally cumbersome and time-consuming process of agent training. Unlike manual or traditional methods of LMS, Convoso’s gamified LMS ensures your agents actually understand the training material. Easily upload and compile training materials (documents, recordings, videos, manuals, etc.) and customize tests your agents accountable for completing. Our “gamified” solution provides the added bonus to help incentivize and motivate your agents to review and stay current on training materials. Set deadlines, minimum passing scores, or any other custom set goal to help your agents stay on track. Reward them with points, badges, and leaderboards!


Are you getting reports you actually want and intuitive, relevant analytics?

Get the reports and performance metrics you actually care about and use. Our platform provides customizable real-time performance dashboards and robust reporting. Our solution can be tailored and set to automatically deliver (FTP push) the exact data and metrics (KPIs) that are actually important to the success of your team. Whether you want reports delivered to your inbox or real-time performance statistics, we provide all the tools that will cut down any time-consuming processes and help you manage, track, and report easily and more efficiently.

Are you getting the right integrations?

Convoso’s end-to-end platform aims to cut down costs and inefficiency by eliminating the unproductive process of juggling multiple 3rd party tools and vendors to operate. Convoso’s system houses all the most valuable inbound, outbound, and blended applications such as a: dialer, CRM, PBX, IVR, LMS, reporting, omni-channel communications system — in our all-in-one platform. However, if our system doesn’t offer the tools you need for your business, no problem! Convoso’s contact center software is built on an open API to allow for easy integrations with major 3rd party vendors (like Salesforce or Zendesk). Our flexible and powerful modular system is also built to provide a hassle and issue-free solution to ensuring your business is always equipped with the most cutting-edge features and capabilities.


Convoso Helps Your Business Stay Compliant

Utilize Our Tools for TCPA Compliance

If your business is operating any telecommunications processes or automated outbound dialer systems, it’s critical that you’re proactive and taking all the necessary measures to stay compliant. This means adhering to any FCC, TCPA, FTC, or HIPAA laws and procedures by implementing mandatory systems and tools that will ensure you do so. Failure to abide by those regulations could cost your business over $10,000+ in fines.

Update Your DNC Lists

Easily upload your internal lists of DNC numbers into convoso’s database to regularly update and maintain your call records. *Disclaimer: Convoso does not provide the database of DNC numbers.

Cell Phone Scrubbing

The TCPA requires call centers operating automatic dialers to get consent from the person being called from that dialer. If you don’t have consent, simply scrub your list against our database to extract cell phone numbers from your call lists. *Disclaimer: Convoso does not provide a 100% guarantee of accuracy in detecting all cell phone numbers.

Call Times

Automatically stop calling certain states based on individual states’ regulations defining the window hours of the day in which telemarketers may place calls.

Powerful features that will optimize both your contact & conversion rates

  • Built-in Softphone (webRTC)
    Convoso’s browser-based (webRTC) softphone is a built-in piece of software that allows users to easily make and receive calls simply through a browser and a internet connection.
  • Built-in “Lite” CRM
    Convoso’s end-to-end platform comes with a built-in ‘Lite’ CRM system that provides all the functionality of a standard CRM. Our built-in CRM not only eliminates the hassle and need to purchase, integrate, and/or configure a seperate CRM system, but also provides a seamless solution to help your team manage and track current and potential customers, their contact information, purchasing history, interaction timeline, and more.
  • Hosted PBX Phone System
    Our hosted PBX system is built into Convoso’s platform to not only drastically reduce your business’ phone bill but to also help facilitate maximum sales productivity. Utilize our PBX system’s call forwarding, conferencing, call transfer, and many more of its vast features and capabilities to ensure your customers and prospects receive streamlined and quality experiences that lead to sales and customer retention.
  • Hosted IVR
    Convoso’s hosted IVR system helps your business deliver seamless call routing to ensure your customers are being routed to the correct agent as quickly and efficiently as possible. Customize and set your IVR flow using our drag and drop IVR designer. Create and upload custom voice recordings for your IVR voice prompts directly through our system.
  • 3rd party, warm, cold, 3-way calling transfers
    Utilize multiple call transferring methods to streamline various stages and handoff points throughout your customer interaction. By enabling one of our call transfer options, your reps can more effectively complete more “one call closes” which ultimately allows your operation to speed up the sales cycle.
  • Push Reporting
  • Predictive Dialing
    An intelligent outbound automated dialing method that helps increase contact rate by allowing you to customize an increase or decrease the number of simultaneous outbound calls placed while also automaticaly adjusting the call volume based on changes in the dropped call percentage. A high dropped call percentage decreases the number of calls that will be placed by the system.
  • Power Dialing
    Convoso’s automated power dialing method automatically calls multiple numbers at the same time for each agent and only connects the call to an agent when a person answers their phone however, unlike the Predictive dialing mode, this mode will not increase or decrease the number of simultaneous calls if you have a certain dropped percentage. This method is used mostly to call consumers.
  • Preview Dialing
    This Intelligent outbound dialing mode is a manual way for the agent to make calls. This mode will allow for the agent to pull up a customer’s record on their screen and requires the agent to click a button to place the call. This method is used mostly to call businesses because the agent wants to do a certain amount of research before they place the call.
  • Progressive Dialing
    An intuitive dialing method that gives your sales rep the ability to pull up customer records prior to placing a call, however, unlike the Preview Dialing mode, this mode will automatically make the call after a predefined number of seconds/minutes. This method gives your sales reps time to review the lead/prospect contact record before the system automatically places a call after a pre-defined amount of time set by the sales manager.
  • Voice Broadcasting
    Voice broadcasting (AKA robodialing) is a form of outbound calling. Voice broadcasting simplifies any mass outreach and allows you to message a list of contacts en masse by sending a prerecorded telephone message to lists of contacts that can be members, subscribers, constituents, employees, or customers. Each contact gets sent a pre-recorded call voice message when they answer their phone. Convoso’s voice broadcasting feature allows you to customize your campaign to give your contacts the option to press a button on their phone keypad for more information or a live representative — this type of call is often called outbound interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Answering machine detection
    The system will skip/filter out calls which result in answering machines. It filters out 95%+ of all answering machines.
  • CTI Screen-pop
    When the system connects the sales rep. to a prospect, the potential customer’s contact information, purchasing history, etc. instantly appears on the agent’s screen.
  • Custom Webform Screen-pop
    A custom webform screen-pop allows for immediate triggering of important customer data to appear before your agents. When an agent is talking to a customer–the agent could be informed of that person’s company website or latter information. The information you want agents to be informed of is completely customizable.
  • Custom Dispositions
    Custom dispositions allow for integral sales fields to be added for better campaign management and overall better customer data. Agents can detail certain information on leads based on the information received from a call. Agents can also add call back information or any other important feedback from the phone call.
  • Default Dispositions
    System generated dispositions that are default in nature with the convoso system. As a result of each call, agents can enter in customer data into the proper field.
  • Email Follow Up Templates
    Easily trigger professional and personal custom emails to prospects post calls with prospective customers. Send an email as a post-call thank you, follow up, etc. to keep you at the top of your customers mind.
  • SMS (Text Message)
    User friendly text messaging platform allows the agent to follow up as needed with a text message (sms). Allows agent to follow up with customers through an alternate medium.
  • Custom Reporting
    Custom reporting allows for managers to set the way that they want their data analyzed. Set specific custom fields per list that allow for campaigns to be intricate.
  • Canned Reporting
    Utilize Convoso’s hassle-free canned reporting templates that provide preselected criteria (metrics) that help facilitate your business’ particular reporting needs.
  • Scripting (Advance, Traditional, Branch)
    Use certain scripting for every kind of sales encounter. Scripting allows your agents to always stay on target and have healthy conversations with potential customers. Increase sales and agent knowledge by using scripts for all campaigns. Scripting is a valuable driver to any successful campaign.
  • Smart List Segmentation
    Smart Lists are lists created and build based on custom set of criteria that enrolls contacts into the smart list based on certain contact property based actions or interactions. Our system aslso allows you to create smart lists that continuously enroll any new leads that come into our system that meet the pre-defined criteria of that specific “smart list.” With these list segmenting capabilities, the opportunities for creating the maximum targetted campaigns are limitless.
  • Gamified LMS
    Gamify the process of training and onboarding new and current sales reps. Upload training materials and resources such as new hire manuals, new or existing or upcoming products, product information, policy changes, sales processes, sales funnel, etc. and apply “game-like” incentives such as leaderboards, points, and rewards to ensure your agents are not only proactive with training and staying educated, but also motivated to do so.
  • Call Recording
    Our system’s call recording cabilities are easily accessible and give you real call resources to help you create a library and training folder containing recordings of your team’s best sales calls and even worst sales calls to use when training new or even under-performing team members.
  • Coaching: monitor, whisper, barge modes
    Help your sales and marketing initiatives with proper coaching. Listen to your agents while they are in the midst of a sales call. Use barge or whisper features to coach agents through tough sales calls.
  • Compliance: Leads Scrubbing
    Lead scrubbing allows every business to remain TCPA compliant. Scrub your leads from cell phone numbers, invalid numbers, DNC, and more.
  • Lead drips
    This features allows you to automatically move leads from one list to another list based on several options such as: disposition, lead create date, last date called, etc. For example. you may want to redial all leads from all lists that have not been called in the past 10 days as a last resort effort to generate sales.
  • Lead Recycling (Automatic)
    This feature allows you to automatically reset a list of contacts as soon as the system is finished calling through it the first time. Our system allows you to set just exactly how many times and when you want the calls to be redialed before giving up on that list completely. Additionally, you can have the system automatically call numbers set to specific dispositions after a specified amount of time.
  • Area code-based caller ID – Local presence
    Easily assign area-based caller IDs to geo-specific campaigns our caller lists. This feature instantly increase your outbound answer rates by automatically displaying a local caller id to the person being called.
  • Toll-Free DIDs (Inbound Marketing)
    Quickly and easily procure unique custom inbound numbers for each campaign to track associated call volume, measure campaign success and route calls to the most appropriate person. To segment and track your campaign activity and appropriately route calls to specific agents based on select promotions, you can obtain toll-free or local numbers on the fly.
  • Multi-List Mix Dialing
    Allows for multiple lists to be dialed at once. This feature enables multiple campaigns or various lead qualifiers to be dialed simultaneously. This method is useful for effectively carrying out multiple campaigns at once.
  • Auto Geo-time sensitive dialing modes
    Dialing mode that only dials numbers at appropriate times based on their geo-locations. This method helps increase answer rates and ensures companies are calling their leads at their most convenient time based on where they live.
  • Auto “drop/abandoned call” adjustment
    Certain dialing methods allow for the system to adjust the amount of numbers being dialed simultaneously based on the drop/abandonment rate. A feature like this is used to make sure businesses get the most out of their lists.
  • Cell phone list scrubbing
    TCPA regulations inhibit the calling of cell phone numbers. Cell phone list scrubbing scrubs selected lists/ leads that have a cell phone number as their main contact.
  • Custom Voicemail options
    A voicemail option for every agent within your company. This allows them to set a customizable voicemail greetings upon getting an inbound call that they are unable to pick up.
  • Campaign groups
    Enables the agent to be in a ready status for multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • Automatic call distribution
    The system will automatically send an answered call to the first available agent or next available agent.
  • Custom contact form fields
    Set certain fields like job description, email, amount of employees, etc. Focused data is better data!
  • Multi-list Mix dialing
    Ability to dial multiple lists at the same time. Blend campaigns and reach the best possible fit.
  • Agent to agent transfer options
    Transfer from one agent to another. Get a customer to a more familiar agent or one that is more knowledgable.
  • Cloning agent mapping & campaign options
    A clone option enables the copying of existing agent or campaign parameters and conditions for the rapid creation of new agents or campaigns.
  • Real-time automated reporting
    Real time, automated reporting tools help your marketing team instantly understand and adjust campaigns as they are happening to ensure the highest level of success.
  • Alternate number dialing
    This feature gives you the option to dial an alternate phone number if a contact is unavailable or if a primary phone number is disconnected.
  • Landing page lead capturing
    Our system is able to automatically send a prospects information they’ve filled out a landing page form, right into our system’s dialer to increase conversion rates by ensuring the prospect gets called back right away.
  • Automated reports via email
    Auto schedule custom reports to be sent to individual or multiple email addressed on fully customizable time frames.
  • Dead call notification
    A powerful manager tool within the real time agent monitor. Dead Call Notification helps maximize the agent availability time by ensuring each agent is moving on to the next call.
  • Customer interaction timeline
    Easily manage and track your customer interaction history using Convoso’s customer timeline view. Convoso’s customer interaction timeline is an easy and visual solution that allows your reps to stay informed on important prospect.
  • Web-form Screenpop or Iframe
    Web-form Screen pop utilizes Convoso’s CTI screen pop to showcase necessary customer information to agents. Agents will be sent to that customer’s website or a relevant website upon starting the call.

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