Call Center Outsourcing Software for BPOs

Combining all the necessary tools for deploying a successful BPO Call Center

Convoso’s Cloud Contact Center Advantage

Our cloud-based virtual call center outsourcing software provides rapid deployment and flexible scalability to help your BPO deliver enhanced customer experience.


Accessible from Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop computer, all you need is a browser and internet connection and you’re ready to start managing, making, and receiving calls. Get increased mobility with our system’s WebRTC functionality that gives your business instant access to our built-in, hassle-free softphone. Now your business can eliminate costly IT resources dedicated to time-consuming installation or configuration. Our on-demand WebRTC applications will save your business tens of thousands of operational costs and maintenance fees.

Rapid Deployment

Set up your entire BPO call center operation within a day with our gamified call center outsourcing software. Your agents can work and train from home, and start taking calls from day 1.

Flexible Scaling On-Demand

Easily scale your contact center up or down by taking up or releasing online resources as per your requirements. Eliminate headaches of on-premise systems that require more hardware/software to handle any increase in call flow. Similarly, our cloud advantage will prevent your company from wasting any resources if your call flow declines.

Always Stay Ahead of the Game

Convoso’s proprietary solutions don’t just help your BPO meet client SLAs, but ensure you exceed them. Our contact center outsourcing tools can significantly increase your operation’s productivity, agent engagement, and margins that impact your business’ overall revenue.

  • Fully-Integrated Phone System

    Increase efficiency with our built-in phone system. Maximize your outbound call campaigns using our intelligent automated dialer, or streamline efficiency of your inbound calls by customizing your IVR flow, routing, and/or transfer preferences.

  • Easy Integrations

    Convoso’s system is built on an open API which makes integrations with any major 3rd party CRM or support/ticketing systems your business already uses, a breeze.

  • Real-Time Agent Management

    Get real-time access to your agent schedule adherence, performance rates, KPIs, and all of your most valued reporting data and metrics. Customize your metrics and use our intuitive performance dashboard to drill down into the root of any issue.

  • Remote Call Transferring

    Easily transfer customers to clients that may be utilizing phone lines or services outside of Convoso’s platform. Convoso’s system allows for remote call transfers that provides your operations flexibility when working between various different client bases.

Rapid Training and Onboarding Solutions


Coach Your Agents Through Calls

Supervisors can keep a close eye on their global workforce and offer real-time assistance to agents when necessary. They can listen and drop in on live calls to monitor and coach agents using our whisper and barge features.

Follow Guided Call Scripts

Customize campaign-specific scripts that automatically appear on your agent’s screens based on specific conditions or answers to a question. Minimize errors during new agent and customer interactions by allowing your agents to read through a prompted script that has dynamic customer form fields which automatically populates contact information directly into your CRM system.


Gamify Your Learning Management System (LMS)

Our call center gamification solution utilizes “game-like” mechanics to improve your agents understanding of the client’s business processes, knowledge of the systems in process and key pain points at various levels of the organization. Utilize our gamified LMS to make the training and onboarding process more enjoyable and effective for your agents.

Powerful features that will optimize both your contact & conversion rates

  • Built-in Softphone (webRTC)
    Convoso’s System’s browser-based (webRTC) softphone is a built-in piece of software that allows users to easily make and receive calls through an internet browser and internet connection.
  • Built-in “Lite” CRM
    Convoso’s built-in ‘Lite’ CRM system allows organizations to easily manage and track current and future customers, their contact information, purchasing history, your team’s outreach history with the prospect, etc. all through one platform with no 3rd party CRM integration required.
  • Hosted PBX System
    A hosted PBX System allows for a medium-sized business to have a sophisticated telephone system without the need of spending for multiple third party products. The entire phone system is operated by Convoso’s VoIP. A hosted PBX allows agents and managers to access the system and make phone calls no matter their location. Set up conference calls, transfer calls, place a caller on hold music, or automate your system and direct the caller to the correct agent.
  • Agent & Campaign Clone Options
    Clone existing campaigns and its settings in scenarios where your agents are required to exist on separate but campaigns that have identical setups. Everything in your campaign is cloned but allows you to assign a different list of agents that will be specific to the cloned campaign.
  • Agent to agent transfer options
    Agents can add another call/caller into the current call or transfer them, enabling multiple individuals to speak live together. Allows for a more knowledgable agent to be added to the line or completely transferred over to.
  • Real-time Agent performance monitor
    Real-time agent performance monitors provides up-to-the-minute monitoring, feedback, and reporting data instantly available to managers and supervisors so they are always aware of what is happening in the call center.
  • Campaign Groups
    Enables the agent to be in a ready status for multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • Email/SMS – Email Templates
    Easily trigger professional-looking, customized emails/SMS to customers or prospects in real time based on pre-designed email templates. Messaging behind the emailing/SMS can vary from feedback, thank you messages, or a survey.
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
    This feature allows you to define custom set rules on how all your inbound calls gets routed. For example: you may want certain calls to get routed to specific people at a specific time of the day or day of the week. Our ACD feature, you can customize your inbound call routing at every level — from a specific department, agent, phone number, and more!
  • CTI Screen pop
    A CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) screen-pop provides agents with any inbound call’s phone number or contact information (customer and prospect data, purchasing history, and information from previous interactions) that already exists in our database as a “screen pop” with each interaction. CTI screen-pop automatically shows your agent any existing information that you have on the caller in order to give them as much customer insight as possible to provide customers with the most personalized experience. This feature also gives you an option to instantly listen to any previous call recordings with that customer in the case of any issues that are left unresolved and require further investigation.
  • Local, toll-free ,vanity DIDs
    Quickly and easily provision unique custom inbound numbers for each campaign so callers will be routed to the agent familiar with the specific promotion or service. Features increase answer rate.
  • Area code-based caller ID – Local presence
    Easily assign area-based caller IDs to geo-specific campaigns our caller lists. This feature instantly increase your outbound answer rates by automatically displaying a local caller id to the person being called.
  • Scripting (Advance, Traditional, Branch)
    Scripting navigates through a customized template which dynamically navigate the agent to the appropriate response. Ensuring accuracy on every call.
  • Campaign and/or list-specific scripting
    Campaign specific scripting that is tailored based upon each individual campaign. List specific scripting are scripts designed around communication for certain customers.
  • Custom client access – user permissions control
    Custom client access gives managers the chance to elevate certain agents. Managers can allow agents to access, change, and manage certain reports, campaigns, and lists.
  • Call Recording
    The ability to record any calls and store them in a log for reference, training, etc. purposes. Recordings can also be automatically emailed or transferred by FTP.
  • Coaching: Monitor, Whisper, Barge Capbilities
    Coaching is advantageous for providing any agent (sales & support) support and ease (drives confidence) that will help the agent deliver exceptional CX. Use Convoso’s intuitive coaching features to stay on top of your agent’s performance. Monitor allows for managers to listen in on agent conversations. With Whisper, managers can chime in and talk an agent through a tough sales or service call without the customer knowing. The barge ability grants a manager access to jump into the call.
  • Push Reporting to Client CRM
    A simple yet powerful API that allows for the transmission of real-time reporting data to the clients CRM. Simplifying the sharing of client data in real time between our platform UI and the clients CRM means the client spends less time doing the heavy lifting of manually duplicating their customer data into a third party system.
  • Encryped Recordings
    Encrypted recordings apply security when sending call recordings among your call center. Compliance regulations and industry related business practices require that recordings are encrypted and secured. Send call recordings, with security, to anyone–no matter their location.
  • Wrap up time notification
    Whether it is a Inbound or outbound call, the system will notify an agent when it is approaching time to end a call. The notification ensures agents are not dragging on one call for too long.
  • Gamified LMS
    A gamified LMS is a learning management system that rewards agents based on their onboarding performance and learning strengths. Motivate agents and shorten your onboarding time by personalizing the onboarding process. Incentivize quality learning and company engagement by rewarding agents performance.
  • Gamified KPI Performance Dashboard
    Motivate sales or service agents within your call center. Convoso’s Gamified KPI Performance Dashboard details performance based on company set KPIs. Agents can see how they compare to other agents in the forms of leaderboards and performance records. Agents receive badges and rewards based on their performance –laid out in a very intuitive fun to to use UI.
  • Auto Schedule Reports via Email
    Customizable reports that can be sent to multiple people at once within a company or outside of it. Schedule email reports to be sent daily, weekly, or whenever needed.
  • Dead Call Notification
    Dead Call Notification helps maximize the agent availability time by ensuring each agent is moving on to the next call. Dead call notification notifies managers when an agent is in a limbo period between their previous call and their next call. The goal of Dead Call Notification is to get every agent to smoothly transition between calls without any enhanced lag time.
  • Timeline of Customer Interaction History
    A Timeline of Customer Interaction History on Agent UI shows the important historical data of agents interaction with a call record. Inclusive of number of call attempts and the end result of each call. See a customer’s sales history within the company or a customer’s past interaction with support.
  • Web-form Screenpop or Iframe
    Web-form Screen pop utilizes Convoso’s CTI screen pop to showcase necessary customer information to agents. Agents will be sent to that customer’s website or a relevant website upon starting the call.
  • Leads Scrubbing
    Scrub invalid numbers, add numbers to DNC lists, or delete uninterested contacts. Maintain clean data for a more efficient operation.
  • Lead drips
    This features allows you to automatically move leads from one list to another list based on several options such as: disposition, lead create date, last date called, etc. For example. you may want to redial all leads from all lists that have not been called in the past 10 days as a last resort effort to generate sales.
  • Automatic Lead Recycling
    Setting that enables the recycling of leads after a certain period of time. Our system allows you to set just exactly how many times and when you want the calls to be redialed before giving up on that list completely. Additionally, you can have the system automatically call numbers set to specific dispositions after a specified amount of time.

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