The year is 2017, and while technology has made the lives of call center agents much easier, we know that tech can only do so much to fix the day to day issues that comes with being a call center agent.
Whether you are currently or used to be a call center agent… odds are these 9 moments consumed your day to day work life:

1) When someone tells you that they will “cancel” or “take their business elsewhere”. Gif1.gif


2) Developing a small crush on the voice on the other line.Gif2.gif

… and hoping no giggles escape because this call is being recorded. (Nope? Just me? …Moving on…)

3) Wishing that the phone software will go down, if only for two minutes…Gif3.gif

… but it doesn’t, because your platform boasts a 99.99% uptime.

4) However, system outage is a double edged sword. Customers get really angry when you can’t fix their problems after they’ve been waiting on hold.Gif4.gif

How to Handle Your Angry Customers

5) You have perfected feigning fake sincerity. Gif5.gif...You could have an Oscar by now.

6) That dreaded, agonizing call that comes in at 4:58 and you’re shift is over at 5:00

Gif6.gif …but that overtime pay ‘doe.

7)  Completely forgetting the phonetic alphabet and saying “N as in Nancy” when it’s actually “N as in November” or “K as in Kit-Kat” is actually “Kilo” and how do people remember all that on the fly?

Gif7.gif… but then feeling super secret agent-y when you get it right

8) When you get a call center software that looks like it was actually made in this century.


...Because most look like they were built for Windows ‘95.

9) And last but not least: The reaction when a customer asks to speak to your manager.


They’re just going to tell you the same thing, buddy. IF they speak to you at all.

Life As A Call Center Manager