More qualified prospects, more conversions.

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Convoso’s end-to-end call center technology provides the fastest and most affordable solution built to supercharge inbound, outbound, and blended call center environments. With our powerful automation capabilities your agents are guaranteed to optimize productivity throughout the day. From easy to complex call scenarios, our system has the power to optimize your call flow efficiency. Quickly and easily customize and control they way calls get handled from the moment they enter our phone system to the end of the call.

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Increase your sales pipeline

Our call center platform instantly provides your organization with a comprehensive set of tools that will greatly enhance its sales calling efforts. The web-based solution arms your team with a number of enterprise-class, built-in features that increase team production.

Intelligent Outbound Dialing

Predictive Dialing

Customize the number of simultaneous outbound calls placed. The system automatically adjusts the call volume based on changes in the dropped call percentage.

Power Dialing

Intelligent dialing method that automatically calls multiple numbers at the same time for each agent and only connects the call to an agent when a person answers their phone.

Preview Dialing

This Intelligent outbound dialing mode is a manual way for the agent to make calls. Agents can pull up a customer’s record on their screen and click a button to place the call.

Progressive Dialing

Give your sales rep the ability to pull up customer records prior to placing a call. This mode will automatically place the call after a predefined number of seconds/minutes.

Simplified Compliance Management

Convoso’s built-in compliance tools are made to streamline your operations’ regulatory needs.  Leverage Convoso to automate your compliance and free your time focus on closing more deals.

Key Features

Centralized DNC

Mobile Scrubbing

Call Time Rules

Call Recordings

Advanced Automation Features

Landing Page Lead Capture

Our system is able to automatically send a prospects information they’ve filled out a landing page form, right into our system’s dialer to increase conversion rates by ensuring the prospect gets called back right away.

Smart List Segmenting

Create smart lists that continuously enroll any new leads that come into our system that meet the pre-defined criteria of that specific “smart list.” With this, opportunities for creating targeted campaigns are limitless.

Lead Drips

Move leads from one list to another based on numerous options. For example: you may want to redial all leads from all lists that have not been called in the past 10 days as a last resort effort to generate sales.

Automatic Lead Recycling

Automatically reset a list of contacts as soon as the system is finished calling through it the first time. Set the system to automatically call numbers set to specific dispositions after a certain amount of time.

Timezone Sensitive Dialing

Only dial numbers at appropriate times based on the contacts' geolocation/timezone. Automatically call leads during their location's most optimal time to boost answer rates and live connections.

Multi-list Mix Dialing

Allows for multiple lists to be dialed at once. This feature enables multiple campaigns or various lead qualifiers to be dialed simultaneously. This is useful for effectively carrying out multiple campaigns at once.

Custom Dispositions

Allow for integral sales fields to be added for better campaign management and overall better customer data. Agents can detail certain information on leads based on the info received from a call.

CTI Screen Pop

When the system connects the sales representative to a prospect, the potential customer’s contact information, purchasing history, etc. instantly appears on the agent’s screen.

The Convoso Difference

99.99% Uptime

Eliminate costly outages. Our infrastructure ensures you receive a 99.99% uptime.

Rapid Deployment

Have a fully operational cloud-based call center up and running in 24 hours or less.

Tier 1 Call Quality

Maximum call quality from utilizing only the best carriers on earth.

Flexible Scalability

Provision new agents and phone numbers within seconds! Scale up OR down with ease.

Make high-performance days the new normal in your call center.