Reach More Leads and Close More Sales with our AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Intelligent Virtual Agent

Convoso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent, or IVA, is a powerful conversational AI solution that helps outbound sales teams drive more business. 

This advanced virtual agent software reaches out to leads via SMS, drives interest in your offer, and transfers qualified prospects to live agents.

AI in Call Center Software

More productive conversations at a lower cost

Agents can focus on talking to warm, qualified leads as the IVA handles introductions.

By automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks, you’ll connect more leads with your agents at a lower cost.

Here’s what Convoso’s IVA can do for you:

  • Confirm interest in a product or service
  • Schedule appointments and callbacks
  • Send reminders
  • Confirm availability
  • Pre-qualify leads
  • Gather basic information
  • Follow up on previous attempts
  • Answer basic questions
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Reach More Leads at a Lower Cost


What if you could use AI technology to filter out prospects that don’t fit with your product or service? With Convoso’s Intelligent Virtual Agent, you can.

Our AI contact center technology gives you more strategic flexibility to determine how many live agents you need. Now your best agents can have more conversations with qualified leads.

Integrating Natural Language Programming, Machine Learning, and Advanced Speech Recognition, Convoso has developed an AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Agent that incorporates a positive customer experience. And that’s always good for business.

How does Convoso's IVA work?

Convoso IVA supports voice and SMS interactions, giving you more channels to connect to leads and generate more engagement.

Convoso’s knowledgeable experts will set up and manage the IVA for you. They have the insights to drive more sales for your business while reducing costs


Initiate Conversation

Natural Conversation

Your leads experience the IVA as though conversing with a live person.

Personalized Experiences

Each lead conversation is customized to improve their experience and increase their likelihood to buy.

Omnichannel Outreach

Engage leads on multiple channels by SMS with text campaigns, by voice channel, or both.

Continually Improve

The AI and staff-assisted training continuously improve engagement quality with ongoing conversations and questions.

24/7 Work Availability

The IVA is ready whenever your prospects want to converse with you.

Support Compliance

IVA manages opt-outs and knows when customers ask to stop being contacted, which helps your operation comply with the TCPA.

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Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) Frequently Asked Questions

An intelligent virtual agent, sometimes known simply as a virtual agent or virtual call center agent, is a software program that provides automated support to call center agents. The Convoso intelligent virtual agent acts as an extra agent, using natural language programming, machine learning, and advanced speech recognition to pre-screen and filter out prospects that do not fit with your business’s offerings over voice and SMS.

Chatbots and virtual agents offer an efficient, effective call center automation tool for any contact center looking to save time, drive higher contact rates, and boost conversions.

While the term virtual call center agent is sometimes used to refer to intelligent virtual agent (IVA) solutions, it is also used in reference to call center agents who work remotely as part of a virtual call center.

Reach more leads faster and skyrocket your call center profits

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Drive More Interactions with Omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Agents


Improve contact rates and generate more engagement with prospects by reaching out over multiple channels. Convoso IVA supports voice and SMS interactions, and will be able to support any text-based channel in the near future.

Incorporating IVAs into drip campaigns is also a very efficient way to pre-qualify and route leads that have expressed interest by responding to a message.

Empower Human Agents
Improve Profitability
Automate Routine Tasks
Streamline Sales
Filter Prospects

Easily Build Intelligent Virtual Assistants


Convoso IVA offers an easy to use no-code, drag-and-drop interface that allows you to build and power simple or complex conversations at scale.
Create better customer experiences by leveraging technology that incorporates natural language understanding, which allows prospects to converse with an ai virtual assistant as though they were conversing with a human agent.

Plus, Convoso IVA utilizes AI to continuously improve, so as time goes on it will be able to better understand and respond to comments and questions that arise.

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