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Convoso Sneak Peek Product Tour - webinarAnother Convoso first!

We’re always looking for better ways to communicate how Convoso’s solution improves performance for sales and lead generation teams. That’s why we launched a new invite-only Product Tour Webinar, hosted by Product Marketing Director Tyler Hinton, and Head of Sales Development Alyssa Morse.

In just half an hour, they hit the key features of the platform, showcasing its user-friendly interface and explaining how Convoso customers boost contact rates, conversions, and profitability. From speed-to-lead to lead prioritization, from predictive dialing to workflow automation, to real-time reporting and analytics, the overview gave attendees the essentials on maximizing the solution’s potential.

During the Q&A session the hosts addressed questions with more details and insights about the product and its features.

Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar!

And for those who missed it, we’ll be hosting more webinars soon. Be sure to visit our webinar page to see our library of deep dive content.

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