STIR / SHAKEN & Call Blocking: What lead gen call centers need to know

Convoso assembled experts to share perspectives on how to operate an effective and COMPLIANT call center in 2020.  Find out how STIR/SHAKEN will impact call centers and what you need to do to manage your Caller ID reputation to address call blocking issues.

Webinar on STIR / SHAKEN & Call Blocking Key points addressed:

  • What is STIR/SHAKEN and how does it work?

  • What do call centers need to do to prepare for STIR/SHAKEN?

  • What’s the difference between STIR/SHAKEN and Call Blocking?

  • The Reality of Call Labelling and Call Blocking

  • What’s a compliant-minded call center to do?

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Listen to the Robokiller Call Example we talked about in the webinar.

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