Call center CFO John Gallagher talks about the right KPIs to improve agent, lead, and manager efficiencies.

John Gallagher, numbers guru and call center KPI expert, gives a great example of why you want to look at the big picture for your call center metrics to make smart decisions about your leads and lists.

“You pay $1000 for a list that converts into $15,000 in revenue and it takes 100 leads, which is $150/lead in revenue. Another list bought for $1000 converts into $30,000 in revenue, but takes 400 leads. In the second case, your revenue per lead is very low at $75/lead.  Now factor in your agent’s time in terms of how much you’re paying them per hour to get that conversion. And, you have to look at your manager’s time. In this way you get a more accurate picture of total revenue when you look at the value of your lists and leads. Then it becomes really apparent where you should spend your time, and where you want to invest in the future.”  —John Gallagher

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