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2022 was our inaugural year covering the compliance news that impacts outbound contact centers. As a premium solution provider, we have long been focused on keeping our technology and our customers up-to-date with the evolving regulatory landscape.

Sales and lead generation teams need to keep compliance top of mind as they reach out to potential customers. In 2022, one of the biggest and most consistent topics to hit the news was the growing number of states passing regulations that act as mini-TCPAs, aimed at protecting their residents from unwanted telemarketing calls.

Below are some to the top compliance stories since our coverage began in July.


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State Regulations and Mini-TCPA’s

New York Passes Telemarketing Law Requiring Up-Front DNC Disclosures 

Michigan Mini-TCPA on the Horizon? State Considers New Bill

Michigan’s More Comprehensive Mini-TCPA Bill: What It Is and What It Could Mean for Lead Gen

Washington State Enacts Its Own Mini-TCPA Law: Eric Troutman on What Call Centers Need to Know Now

Oklahoma and Washington Add to Pile-On of Stringent “Mini-TCPA” Laws

Texas Doubles Down on TCPA Violations


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Outbound Contact Center Compliance News

Lead Generation Compliance Experts Discuss Latest Developments and What to Look for in 2023

FCC Unanimously Declares Ringless Voicemails Are Covered By TCPA, Require Consumer Consent

FCC Solicits Public Comment on Robotext Regulations

The Court Ruling that “May Change Everything” for Lead Generation: Eric J. Troutman on Berman v. Freedom Financial Network


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