Convoso Challenge 30% or $1000

Convoso is challenging call centers to try our omnichannel autodialer software.

We will pay Challenge partipants $1000 if we don’t boost their contact rate or conversion rate by 30%!

We’re THAT confident we can beat other dialers [e.g., ViciDial, CallTools, Ytel, Xencall, Chase Data, Five9, etc.!]

Why should you take the Convoso Challenge?

For call centers with 20 or more agents:

  • Commit to a 1-2 week long trial of Convoso’s powerful omni-channel software 
  • You pay only for minutes and DIDs
  • Assessment call (30 min) and software demo required

If you have 10-19 agents, contact us for a special offer on how we can boost your call center performance.

Conversion on Convoso

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