WFH ebook Update

Is your remote call center achieving high productivity? 

Could it improve? 

Kick it into gear with our new ebook, loaded with practical guidance on running a successful lead generation call center.

Many call centers switched to virtual operations in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. Convoso customers have reported a smooth transition and many are seeing improved productivity. Some have decided that the change is permanent, and some will continue as hybrid operations, with agents at-home and in a call center office. 

In this complimentary 30+ page guide, we share best practices to profitably operate a work from home outbound call center operation that maximizes the productivity of at-home agents. You’ll learn about:

  • Resources That Drive Remote ROI – Tech Recommendations, Productivity Tools, Essential KPI Reports
  • Tips for Managing Your Virtual Team for Optimal Performance
  • Compliance Guidelines for WFH
  • Future Trends in Virtual Call Center Operations
  • Remote Call Center Checklist

With the right tools and support you can optimize your cloud-based dialer, and manage your at-home team so they are focused, motivated, and productive.

It may be easier than you think. 

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