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Convoso customers are always on the lookout for more opportunities to connect with their leads. As one of the powerful features of an omnichannel solution, reaching out to prospects via text, or SMS, helps to increase contact rates.

SMS capabilities now avail on all Convoso DIDs

How does this product update give a powerful boost to the success of customer SMS campaigns?  By giving SMS capabilities to all DIDs. 

With a larger pool of available DIDs, contact center customers can now run SMS campaigns that provide similar area code coverage as configured in the Convoso dialer. 

Here are the key benefits of this SMS update:

  • Easy purchasing of DIDs with SMS support
  • Larger pool of available DIDs for SMS capabilities
  • Same area code coverage as dialing platform
  • Increased success of SMS campaigns

Convoso customers should get in touch with their Customer Success Manager to find out how they can use SMS to improve their contact rates. 

Not a Convoso customer yet?  Set up a demo to find out how you can use SMS campaigns to drive more business. 

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