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Built In LA interviews Convoso”s amazing engineering leadership and the ambitious plans they have to launch a new advanced AI product in 2021.

Automation has spurred Convoso”s success thus far. Where do they go from here?


According to the team, 2021 is all about AI, chatbots and a bigger talent pool.


FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Can something be too efficient?

If so, that’s news to Bobby Hakimi, co-founder and chief product officer at Convoso, a cloud-based call center software company.

Hakimi and his team have built an application to make outbound call center agents’ lives more efficient by automatically dialing numbers in a strategic cadence while weeding out disconnected numbers. By his estimate, Convoso allows users to connect with hundreds of customers a day — a far cry from the few they could reach by dialing manually.

But why stop there?

As the world changed dramatically in 2020, Convoso’s tech team was eyeing a change of its own. The next logical step in continuing its automation plans, the team agreed, was introducing a much more advanced AI product over the next few months…

To accommodate those lofty goals, the company said its tech team doubled its headcount…

Built In LA connected with the [Convoso engineering leadership] to find out what the leaders have planned for 2021, how their teams can expect to see their careers flourish and why they can’t get enough of the tech they’re building.


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