Do Better With Less?

Many business owners and call center managers are looking at a hard ask: to get more results with less. Whether it’s budget cuts, reduced staff, or other factors, this may feel unrealistic.

So how do you create opportunity within an economic downturn? 

We tapped two industry experts to discuss top strategies that businesses can employ to bolster their lead generation efforts and stay ahead of the game.

STRATEGIES will include:
– Quality over quantity
– Navigating compliance
– Agent onboarding & continuous training
– Retention strategies
– Doing better with fewer leads

Watch the discussion here with Jason Cutter (Cutter Consulting), Rob Seaver (PACE), and Lisa Leight (Convoso), or click image below.

6 ½ Strategies to Boost Lead Generation and Help You Do Better With Less_Webinar screenshot

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Learn how you can maximize both compliance and productivity in your call center.

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