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In 2022 we continued progress on our ambitious growth trajectory, building out teams, streamlining processes, and expanding our product’s capabilities to drive customer success. 

We asked each person on our leadership team what they’re looking forward for 2023. They’re setting the pace for their teams to grow, taking the lead on our core values and always working to help our customers drive results!  See what they had to say below and check out our core values at the bottom.


Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder

“We increased our headcount significantly in 2022, especially with the launch of our office in India. That means a lot of us were and are new to the company. You can have the best people on your team, but without proper training, they are unlikely to succeed. Our learning and development team launched a revamped on-boarding program last year, and we continue to invest more time and resources into training our teams on an on-going basis. Progress over perfection is the goal. Therefore, what I’m looking forward to the most in 2023 is the impact that the growth of our people will have on our customers and partners because a company is nothing without its people!”



Bobby Hakimi, CPO & Co-Founder

“Continuous growth is one of our core values. We are laser-focused on innovations that serve our customers.  In 2023, we’ll bring our new IVA product to customers, while further augmenting our powerful dialer platform.  We’ll accomplish this with our hard working teams, better processes and communication to build stronger collaborative relationships. ”


Meg Mananian, VP of Operations

“Over the last two years we’ve focused on building teams that will help Convoso grow quickly. That investment in our people has enabled us to exceed many of our objectives. In 2023, I’m looking forward to further expanding our ability to bring the very best product and service to our customers to help support their growth. Let’s conquer 2023!”


Phi Lee, Chief Architect

“As we reflect on the success of our company and obstacles we experienced in 2022, marked by the opening of our India office, we look towards 2023 with anticipation. As a part of Convoso’s leadership team, I’m excited for the synergy of our teams to finally produce results. In 2023, we plan to continue pushing boundaries and provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We want to keep developing, innovating, and succeeding. We are moving forward at full speed and ready to seize the opportunities that 2023 brings.”



Shiva Mirzadeh, VP of Engineering

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” –Arthur C. Clarke

“It’s an exciting time at Convoso! We are growing at a record pace. We continue thinking outside the box to develop a superior product with the customers in mind. I’m looking forward to 2023 and all the improvements we will bring to our market. A challenging and innovative roadmap focusing on making our customers even more successful by maximizing their productivity and minimizing their daily hassles.”


Lisa Leight, VP of Marketing

2023 is the company’s 17th year in business and we’ve got some exciting plans to expand into new areas while strengthening our offering to our current customers. Thank goodness we’ve got an awesome team and scalable processes to spirit us along the way. Onward!




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